ABF lands in Arizona for its first LFP Gigafactory within the U.S.

American Battery Factory (ABF) announced today that it might construct its first lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Gigafactory cell production site in Tuscon, Arizona, with a complete annual capability of three GWh.

As EVs begin to turn out to be more mainstream in america, more cells and cell chemistries must turn out to be available to manufacturers. ABF is taking an approach toward LFP cells attributable to their long lifespans and lower production cost.

LFP cells have been utilized by several automakers, including Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and Volkswagen. With so many automakers switching to the cell for certain trim levels, ABF is planning to launch mass LFP production in Arizona.

The positioning will function ABF’s official headquarters and will probably be roughly 2 million square feet, the biggest in america. ABF told Teslarati its production capability for the Tucson plant could be 3 GWh, nevertheless it could be the primary in a “network” of battery manufacturing facilities.

Spanning from between 3 and 5 GWh of annual production, ABF plans to open a series of factories with a “decentralized, modular approach using rapid construction technologies,” the corporate said. Each factory will probably be capable of varied outputs between 3 and 5 GWh, with your entire network manufacturing roughly 16 GWh.

ABF said it might announce the placement of other factories while it’s constructing out its network of production plants.

ABF’s initial production plant will probably be situated on 267 acres in Pima County’s renowned Aerospace Research Campus. The modular construction techniques the corporate plans to employ could have a Research and Development Center, the production facility, and its headquarters accomplished inside 18 to 14 months.

The positioning is about to be the biggest business production Gigafactory for LFP cells within the country at nearly 2 million square feet. The project will provide an estimated $1.2 billion in capital investment and $3.1 billion in economic impact to Arizona.

“This investment represents a generational opportunity each for us as an organization and for Tucson as a community as a way to really make energy independence a reality for everybody,” CEO Paul Charles said. “Batteries make shifting to a completely green energy economy possible. With this primary factory, we’ll secure a strategically positioned company headquarters while taking the critical first steps in making it possible to sooner or later move the country and your entire world to 100% renewable power. We’re honored to begin this journey in Tucson and provides back to the community through innovation, quality job creation, revenue generation and environmental protection.”

In May, ABF hired former Tesla 4680 cell production engineer James Herbermann as its Vice President of Manufacturing.

ABF lands in Arizona for its first LFP Gigafactory within the U.S.

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