2020.48.30/2020.48.35: What’s latest in the newest Tesla software update?

We are only a pair weeks faraway from Tesla’s “lit” holiday update (2020.48.26) and now have further improvements to share. This past week, certain Tesla drivers began to report a brand new software update available for download. While these two updates are mostly bug fixes, there are some 2020.48.35 Tesla release notes to share to maintain you informed. Let’s break all of it down below.

Tesla release notes 2020.48.30/2020.48.35

Given Tesla’s track record (no pun intended) of upgrade occurrence, the brand new 2020.48.30 software update followed by 2020.48.35 is true on pace. The primary update (.30) has spread to many of the world and all 4 Tesla models, although some features are currently only in China. The newest update (.35) offers expansions of the initially introduced features expanded to more Tesla vehicles, specifically the Model S and Model X.

Let’s start wide with the all-encompassing updates, then get granular into model specific changes.

Navigation updates

All 4 current Tesla get an update to their navigation systems, albeit they’re split two ways by model. The Tesla release notes for 2020.48.30 offer improvements to the navigation guidance through complicated highway junctions and city intersections. Note that these navigation updates are currently for China only.

In the event you drive a Model S or Model X, a picture of the intersection with the highlighted lane guidance will now be displayed within the instrument cluster.

For Tesla’s Model 3 sedan or Model Y SUV, the image of the intersection and highlighted lane guidance is within the turn-by-turn instructions on the touchscreen.

Lastly – The newest version of Navigation maps have to be downloaded before this latest feature will be utilized.

Autosteer stop sign and stop light warning

Irrespective of what Tesla model you drive, it could now warn you if it detects that you just are about to run a stop sign or stop light while Autosteer is in use. It’s necessary to know that this latest feature won’t stop the automotive for you. So you need to remain attentive and attentive to ensure the protection of you and people around you (but you usually do this, right?) Please note that this feature update is currently only available in Canada.

Tesla release notes 2020.48.35

Text messaging updates

Based on Tesla’s release notes for 2020.48.30, consecutive messages from a sender are displayed and dictated together. This offers a more cohesive viewing and listening experience while driving. To view text conversations, simply open the “Application Launcher,” tap “Call” then “Messages.”

In the event you drive a Model 3 or Model Y Tesla, you may now double press the suitable scroll wheel to simply dismiss an incoming message or re-record an outgoing text. Model 3 drivers could have already noticed this feature on their Tesla. It appears the remaining of the fleet is joining the group text now.

Please note that you’ll not give you the chance to send group messages. That is as a consequence of the restrictions of Bluetooth support out of your wireless device.. at the least for now.

Text Messaging

TRAX version 0.2

Digital audio workstation TRAX has seen a redesign in Tesla’s software update as well. You possibly can now turn your EV right into a music studio. You possibly can quickly preview and blend sounds with a brand new drum machine and instrument selector, or use latest tools and volume controls to reorder, loop, and blend tracks. All from inside your Tesla. To access this feature, open the Application Launcher and tap “Toybox” then “TRAX” followed by “Let’s JAM.”

Tesla Trax Tesla release notes 2020.48.35

QQ Music updates

Speaking of turning your Tesla right into a music studio, Tesla’s release notes for 2020.48.30 include added support for shuffling playlist tracks on QQ Music. For those not aware, QQ Music is a freemium music streaming service based out of China and is affiliated with Spotify. This service is currently only available in China, but we feel it’s necessary to notice the update for Chinese Tesla owners now and potential future streamers worldwide.

Tesla QQ Music Tesla release notes 2020.48.35

Sentry Mode updates

Sentry Mode adds an additional level of protection to a given Tesla vehicle by repeatedly monitoring the environment around it when left unattended. With Tesla’s latest 2020.48.35 release notes, footage of the last panic event will now be saved to onboard memory.

Previously, Tesla owners needed to have a formatted USB device inserted before Sentry Mode was enabled with a purpose to view footage of previous events. Now you may view or save a given clip after the actual fact by plugging in a USB device, then launching the Dashcam viewer. From there, you may save the footage and simply take it straight to the correct authorities.

Tesla Flash Drive

Dynamic brake lights (Model 3 and Model Y)

The next upgrade only applies to Tesla’s two most up-to-date vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y. Note that this feature has only rolled out in China to date, so stay tuned. That being said, in case you are at any point driving over 31 mph (50 km/h) and must stop forcefully, the brake lights will now quickly flash to warn other vehicles around you.

Moreover, in case you abruptly hit the brakes and your Tesla comes to an entire stop, the hazard warning lights will mechanically flash. That’s, until you press the accelerator or manually press the hazards button to show them off.

Tesla release notes 2020.48.35

Unlatching charge cable (Model S and Model X)

Drivers of Tesla’s Model S or Model X can now unlatch and get moving quicker with the newest software update release notes.

When charging your Tesla, you may now press the small button to the left of the charge port inlet to unlatch the charge cable when your automotive is unlocked. This added feature can develop into especially useful when charging cables don’t have a release button on the connector handle.

Previously, owners of those two veteran models could unlatch a charge cable by utilizing the vehicle touchscreen, the Tesla app, the connector handle button, or by pressing and holding the rear trunk button on the important thing fob. These methods all still work – the button on the charge inlet simply adds yet another tool to undock.

Tesla release notes Model S

One other Tesla software update sure to reach soon

As you most likely know by now as a Tesla owner, these updates come every couple weeks and a few are more exciting than others. The newest updates from the 2020.48.30 and 2020.48.35 Tesla release notes are usually not probably the most exciting, sure. Nevertheless, they do provide necessary bug fixes a glimpse into features being tested in other countries like China and Canada.

Hopefully we may have more exciting Tesla software updates to report back to you soon, but for now the goal is to relay any update of substance to the Tesla community so that you all never miss a beat in terms of updates large or small.

As at all times, keep it here on Electrek for detailed explanations of Tesla release notes each time they hit the airwaves. Until then…

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