“California’s Top-Secret Discovery: Unveiling Exciting New Features of Tesla Cybertruck”

Tesla Makes Progress on Full Autonomy with AI-Based Approach

Tesla has been working tirelessly on its goal of achieving full autonomy through investing in artificial intelligence (AI). They are using an AI-based neural network training approach to train their cars to drive safer than humans. While Elon Musk has made grand promises about this approach over the years, they are working hard to deliver on their promises. Elon Musk has shared that they will expand their FSD Beta to 1 million people by the end of the year. Additionally, he confirmed that Tesla will have self-driving cars without the need for human drivers by next year, 2023.

Tesla Unveils Tesla Bot and Dojo Computer at AI Day Event

At Tesla’s AI Day event in August, they unveiled their latest developments in AI, including the Tesla Bot, Dojo Computer, and FSD driving. While they shared specific details about the Tesla Bot, including its height, weight, and electromechanical actuators, it was clear that it was just a dummy on stage. Tesla believes that they can create a humanoid robot soon, with the help of their fsdai efforts. Elon Musk shared that they would push their AI Day event back to September 30th to potentially demonstrate an operational prototype of the Tesla Bot.

Tesla’s Cyber Truck Production Progresses with Giga Press and Accessory Attachment

Tesla’s Cyber Truck has been a success before its release with its unique design and features. However, the Cyber Truck production has been delayed. Still, progress is being made with the construction of the machine that will build the Cyber Truck body. Tesla’s Giga Press, manufactured by IDRA, has just released its new 9,000-ton Giga Press. Elon Musk confirmed that this Giga Press is for the Cyber Truck body with a tweet. Additionally, visuals from the SpaceX All Hands Meeting shared a render of the future Starbase factory, featuring a Cyber Truck with an accessory attachment, wider wheelbase, and instrument cluster.

Tesla Expands into New Markets with Service Expansion

Tesla has long been expanding its service network, and they are continuing to do so. One of their latest service expansions is in Hungary, opening its first service center in the country. The center will be located in the country’s capital, Budapest, which will provide a significant boost in service capacity for the company. Tesla also seeks to expand its Supercharger network globally, adding more than 100 stations in 2021 alone. This will help Tesla owners travel with ease while using their EVs.

Tesla Pauses Hiring, But Increasing at the Same Time

While Tesla is working on its numerous projects and expansions, they are still dealing with current global issues, like the impact of COVID-19. As such, Tesla has temporarily paused some hiring. However, they are still adding to their workforce, albeit at a slower pace. Tesla had been planning on increasing their workforce to over 1,000 employees in Southern Nevada, but their plans are currently on hold.

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Tesla is one of the most innovative companies that remain focused on creating and developing the latest technology, including AI, electric vehicles, and car security. With FSD driving, Tesla Bot, Supercharger expansion, and Cyber Truck production, Tesla continues to make progress towards realizing its vision of a sustainable future. Drive Protected is proud to sponsor this video and be part of this innovative journey.

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