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Tesla to Possibly Get into Electric Aircrafts, V4 Supercharging Coming Soon, and More

Tesla has been in the news for all the right reasons lately. From developing EVs to building solar-powered roofs and tunnels, Elon Musk’s EV and clean energy company is all set to revolutionize the world, one step at a time. In this article, we will discuss the latest Tesla news, including the possibility of Tesla getting into electric aircraft, V4 supercharging, new FSD beta details, a few Cybertruck leaks, and more.

Tesla Designs and the New Cellular Network Issue
If you own a Tesla, you might already be aware of the vehicle’s large center displays that control most of its functions. However, there has been an issue with the entertainment system (MCU-1) on the original Model S that required a full recall of all owners to upgrade to MCU-2, which includes an LTE chip, adding to the connectivity of the vehicle. However, due to the phase-out of older cellular networks, all Model Ss built before June 2015 and on MCU-1 may lose connectivity by February 2022, according to recent reports. Tesla will offer retrofits to the 200 affected vehicles, but it remains unclear if this is only for the LTE chip or not.

New HEPA Filter for Model Y and Full Self-Driving Subscription
Tesla has recently added a HEPA air filtration system to the Model Y in all markets, enabling the bio-weapon defense mode. This feature has also been offered as a retrofit option for Model Ys bought before this change. Furthermore, the company has launched a Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription option costing $199 per month, with a $99 per month option for cars with enhanced autopilot. The subscription allows you to use FSD features on a monthly basis, but you never actually own it. The current features may not be worth $200 per month to many, but it can be an ideal option to add auto lane change for long road trips and can be canceled at any time.

Latest for the Cybertruck
Tesla’s Cybertruck has been in the headlines ever since its announcement, and there have been many leaks and rumors regarding the vehicle. Elon Musk responded to a tweet about the truck flopping, saying that there was always a chance because it was unlike anything else. However, he also mentioned that the truck looked like it was made by aliens from the future, and he loved it. The car guru survey of EV truck buyers found that the Cybertruck was the most popular truck, with 31% saying they would consider it, followed by 28% for the Ford F-150 EV. The reservation tracker for the Cybertruck continues to increase, with over 1.2 million reservations so far.

Tesla and Electric Aircrafts
Tesla might soon get into the electric aircraft industry, according to a recent report. The company’s former president, Jerome Guillen, is now working with Zunum Aero, a startup in which Boeing is a shareholder. The startup aims to create regional electric aircraft that can carry up to 50 passengers and be used for short flights. Guillen’s experience in Tesla can help in the development of Zunum Aero’s Vision regional electric aircraft program. The startup has said that its aircraft will emit 80% fewer pollutants than current regional jets and cost 40-80% less to operate.

New FSD Beta Details
Tesla has released the new FSD Beta 9.0, bringing significant updates to its drivers to make it safer and better. One of the most highlighted features is that it now sees and reacts to traffic lights and stop signs. The update also improves pedestrian detection, intersection turning behavior, and auto lane changing. Tesla’s Autopilot-related accidents have raised concerns, but with this new update, the company aims to make driving safer and reduce the number of accidents.

V4 Supercharging Coming Soon
Tesla is currently offering V3 Supercharging, which provides fast charging at 250 kW but has been tested at 300 kW. However, the company has announced that V4 Supercharging is coming soon and will add an extra 100 kW to the charging speed. This means that V4 Supercharging can charge a vehicle at 350 kW, reducing charging time drastically. Tesla has said that V4 Supercharging will be available for Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid first, but it will eventually be available for all its vehicles.

Tesla continues to innovate and make strides in the EV industry. With the company’s new FSD beta 9.0, V4 Supercharging, and new offerings like a full self-driving subscription and air filtration systems in its cars, Tesla continues to set the standard in the EV and clean energy world. Even with the recent news of a possible foray into electric aircraft, the company remains focused on making driving safer and greener for everyone.

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