First Drives with Tesla FSD Beta 11.3: Highways, Autopark and More [VIDEOS]

Photo: Winnersechelon

Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta v11 began rolling out last November, complete with single-stack software for each highway and city driving.

In a video from @WinnersEchelon shared on Monday evening, we see one driver testing FSD beta 11.3 starting on a highway and taking an exit to city streets, all without the software disengaging. There are two videos shared below:

Later within the thread, one other user asked if the trip was “as smooth because it appeared,” to which the unique poster wrote that it was “smooth indeed.”

Still, WinnersEchelon said that they’d soon “share more videos with full transparency,” suggesting that each experience wasn’t quite as smooth because the drive depicted.

Today, we see a video of how FSD beta 11.3 handles Autopark…and it wasn’t great as a three-point turn was required:

Here’s one other video of FSD beta 11.3 through the day:

The news comes only a day after Tesla released its FSD beta v11.3 to some employees with software version 2022.45.5, for which the discharge notes have also been shared.

The software includes the “legacy highway stack,” in line with the automaker, which incorporates much more complex interactions between the highway and city driving stacks.

The news also comes as many critics of Tesla’s FSD beta have aired concerns in regards to the software’s naming convention, which some think could lead on users to think the automotive can completely drive by itself.

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