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Tesla’s Supercharger Network: An Ongoing Advantage for EV Owners

Tesla’s supercharger network is one of their biggest advantages in the electric vehicle (EV) market. This week, Tesla updated its supercharger map as part of their quarterly update, revealing many new locations that are “coming soon” with many addresses specified. The update included 347 new locations, with around 85 of them planned for California alone. Tesla also revealed the exact locations of superchargers in Canada. While the chargers will take some time to get built and put online, it’s still impressive to see Tesla’s expansion, which is necessary for the number of cars they are selling each quarter. This article discusses the Tesla updates that include the latest vehicle lineup, Cybertruck updates, first deliveries of Tesla’s latest vehicle and more.

Tesla’s Model Y Interior Receives a Design Change

Tesla has finally updated their Model Y website to reflect a big design change for the interior. For a while, Tesla has been shipping a different interior with trim extending from the dash into the door panels on the Model 3. The Model Y was yet to see the change. However, Tesla changed this design on the Model Y three weeks ago, getting rid of the large white panels in the side of the doors in favor of a small white piece extending from the dash. Despite this design change, Tesla did not announce it, and their website still showed the old design.

Update on Tesla’s Cybertruck

The Cybertruck, unveiled back in 2019, has been delayed due to supply shortages, and Tesla’s focus on Model Y production. Tesla’s 9000-ton Giga Press is being manufactured by IDRA for the Cybertruck. Elon Musk confirmed this in May when IDRA posted a video assembling the press for the first time. Now, IDRA has posted an updated video announcing the completed build and testing of the 9000-ton press, which is to be shipped off to Giga Texas for assembly. Musk recently hinted at the Cybertruck being able to serve as a boat, saying it would be waterproof enough to cross rivers, lakes, and even seas that aren’t too choppy. However, the Cybertruck would require mounting an electric propeller on the tow hitch to go faster than a few knots. The Cybertruck is set to begin production in mid-2023.

Tesla’s 2023 Model Year Vehicles: The New Formality

Tesla has officially started producing its 2023 Model Year vehicles at their Fremont factory, with the Model X and Model 3 being the first two cars to switch over. Tesla rarely aligns vehicle updates and changes with model years, instead, changes are done whenever they are needed or can be done. For example, the removal of radar from their vehicles happened in mid-2021, resulting in some 2021 Tesla’s having radar while others didn’t. This time around, the switch to 2023 Model Year appears more formal, with any rumored changes happening prior. One significant change is the replacement of Ultrasonic sensors with Tesla Vision in the Model Y and 3 built in October.


With these updates, Tesla continues to innovate its EV technology, pushing boundaries to provide sustainable energy solutions. The Tesla Supercharger Network continues to expand, and the Cybertruck’s production inches closer with the completion of the Giga Press. The 2023 Model Year vehicles serve as a formality, with Tesla updating their vehicles whenever they need to, instead of waiting for a designated model year. These updates highlight why Tesla is a leader in the EV market, shaping the future of the automotive industry.

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