“Insider Scoop: Shocking 2023 Tesla Predictions with Andy Slye, Sandy Munro & More – Could Elon Be Removed as CEO?”

Tesla in 2023: Predictions from Experts and Enthusiasts

As we approach 2023, there’s a lot of excitement and anticipation for what Tesla has in store. While there’s still a lot of unknowns, ranging from product releases to Elon Musk’s status as CEO, there’s plenty to speculate on. To get a better idea of what we can expect, Ryan from the Tesla and EV community invited a group of experts and enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll delve into their predictions and insights.

The Collaborators

The panel of experts and enthusiasts includes Andy Sly, Robert Rosenfeld, John Rettinger, Dirty Tesla, Kim Java, Talos of EV Tesla Raj, Sandy Monroe, and Corey Steuben from Monroe and Associates. Each collaborator brings their own unique perspective and insights to the group.

Manufacturing Evolution

Corey Steuben from Monroe and Associates discusses his expectations for Tesla’s manufacturing evolution in 2023. He highlights how Tesla’s latest models, such as the 2022 Model Y and the Cybertruck, have already shown significant evolution from previous models. Steuben also mentions the anticipation for the Cybertruck and how his team is eager to get a hold of it and tear it down for further learning.

However, Steuben also points out his concern regarding the impact of Tesla’s semi on the raw material supply for the batteries. As Tesla is planning to make up to 50,000 semis a year by 2024-2025, this would equate to a significant impact on the battery material supply. Despite these potential challenges, Steuben believes that Tesla has been able to work around them in the past and will continue to evolve and integrate their products in the future.

Cyber Truck Launch and Model Redesign

John Rettinger shares his expectations that 2023 will be the year the Cybertruck hits the road, as well as a redesigned Model 3. He also speculates that Tesla may add a camera near the bumper to finally get 360 cameras.

Rettinger also shares his concerns regarding the Elon drama and whether consumers can separate him from Tesla. He recommends that Tesla focus on figuring out the supply chain issues, as every car manufacturer faces these challenges. In terms of non-Tesla EVs, Rettinger expresses his excitement for the Lucid Sapphire and Gravity and electric SUVs.

Production Output and Tesla Bot

Kim Java shares her expectations that Tesla’s production output will increase even more in 2023, with the sales of the Model 3 and Model Y. She also anticipates seeing more progress on Tesla Bot and the proposed HVAC system.

Java also expresses her excitement for the Cybertruck and Tesla semi production taking off. She predicts that by the end of summer, we’ll start seeing pictures of Cybertrucks on the roads, and within a year, they’ll be everywhere. She also predicts that Elon will continue to cause some kind of backlash over Twitter, but hopes that it won’t escalate too much.

Non-Tesla EVs and GM’s gmultium Platform

Regarding non-Tesla EVs, Corey Steuben mentions his interest in seeing whether GM can live up to their promises with their gmultium platform. He’s particularly interested in seeing the low-cost EVs such as the Blazer and Equinox being made in mass.

Charging Networks

John Rettinger shares his concerns regarding the Electrify America chargers, stating that they are unreliable and doing a total disservice to the non-Tesla EV industry. He hopes that they can solve the problem soon, so they can build out their network to match Tesla’s supercharger network.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the panelists share their excitement and anticipation for the future of Tesla and non-Tesla EVs. While there may be challenges ahead, such as with the supply chain issues and potential controversies surrounding Elon Musk, the overall outlook is positive. With the anticipation of new products, increased production efficiency, and further progress in the EV industry, 2023 looks to be a promising year for Tesla and EV enthusiasts alike.

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