“Is It True? Rumors of Tesla Cancelling Highly Anticipated $25,000 Model 2!”

Tesla News: Cyber Truck Leaks, Tesla Bot, and Latest on the $25,000 EV


Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, remains one of the most revolutionary tech companies globally, with innovations coming up every other day. In this article, we will explore the latest Tesla news covering Cyber Truck Leaks, a new product that is unexpected, the latest on the Tesla Bot and Tesla’s latest for the $25,000 EV.

Recalls and Updates

Tesla is currently facing another significant recall, pointing to a need for a change in the definition of the word “recall” as it can refer to anything that needs fixing in a car on a large scale. Tesla has had several recalls over the years, with some fixed with over-the-air software updates, including the recent one of around 54,000 Teslas for a feature included in the self-driving beta. Namely, the latest version will allow the car to make rolling stops and not come to a complete stop at some intersections, which poses a safety risk. Tesla will perform an over-the-air software update that disables the rolling stop functionality, making the safety risk extinct.

Cyber Truck Leaks

Last week, there were Cyber Truck leaks as it was brought to GigaTexas. Though there was no official announcement, we assumed that Tesla was going to talk about it during its earnings call, but all we got was that Tesla would hopefully work on launching the Cyber Truck next year. The Cyber Truck has many unique features, including its lack of door handles, a rounded front end, and what appears to be touch buttons for the doors.

Some new photos have surfaced courtesy of Joe Rogan on Instagram showing the Cyber Truck’s exterior, with the first photo showing the front light bar lit up at night, giving it a fantastic look. The last picture shows it from the side, giving a great view of the Cyber Truck’s body design.

Tesla’s Latest for the $25,000 EV

Tesla’s battery day in September 2020 announced new developments that would ultimately lead to Tesla shipping a $25,000 EV in the near future. This announcement was a significant step in Tesla’s plan for a cheaper electric vehicle, and it was exciting news. However, recent updates suggest that the $25,000 EV dream may not be coming soon, but Elon’s words on this matter remain uncertain.

At Tesla’s last earnings call, Elon said that Tesla is currently not working on the $25,000 car, mainly because they have enough on their plate, and introducing a cheap EV right now would complicate things for them. This may push back the initial three-year timeline for the car, but it still remains a part of Tesla’s future goals.

Tesla Bot

Earlier this year, Tesla announced their latest project, the Tesla Bot. The Tesla Bot is a humanoid robot designed to perform dangerous, repetitive, or boring tasks that cannot be done by humans. The Tesla Bot will utilize many technologies that Tesla already has, such as Autopilot and Machine Learning, among others.

However, it remains unclear when we will see the Tesla Bot come to life or how it will be utilized. Though Elon Musk tweeted about the Tesla Bot, it has remained a mystery, and we hope that Tesla will give us more information on their latest project.


With Tesla, we always have something to look forward to in terms of innovation and products. These latest updates on the Cyber Truck leaks, Tesla Bot, and the $25,000 EV give us hope for a better, more sustainable future. While we may not know when these projects will come to fruition, we can rest assured that Tesla has always been at the forefront of innovation and will continue serving as a beacon of excellence in the tech industry.

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