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New Tesla Updates: Software Updates, Cybertruck Production, Faster Superchargers and Battery Technology

Tesla is constantly striving to improve its vehicles, and its software updates and app features are no exception. In the latest update, Tesla has added more customization options to its app, including the ability to change the charging schedule from your phone. This is particularly useful during record heat waves, where Tesla owners can now adjust the activation temperature of the automatic cabin overheat protection feature to prevent their cars from overheating. But the biggest advantage of the new app feature is the ability to control the temperature in the cabin and save energy.

The highly anticipated Cybertruck has been one of Tesla’s most delayed products. While the production timeline has been pushed back several times, Elon Musk maintains that progress is being made. Recent reports suggest that Tesla has ordered the equipment to make the Cybertruck drive unit from German manufacturers. These same manufacturers also supply equipment to the Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai factories. While there has been no official confirmation on the production timelines, Elon Musk suggests that the Cybertruck could be in production by mid-2023.

Tesla’s charging network is one of the largest in the world, and the company is always looking to make it faster and more efficient. The latest update suggests that Tesla is working on a 350-kilowatt charger, which is even faster than the current V3 Superchargers. A leaked photo of the new V4 Supercharger suggests that it will be taller and thinner than the V3 version. The new design resembles Tesla’s Mega Charger, which was built for the Tesla Semi, and includes a normal connector located higher up on the charger. If this really is the new design for the V4 Supercharger, it would streamline the manufacturing process for Tesla.

Battery technology is the key factor in the future of EVs, and Tesla is ahead of the curve in this regard. Panasonic, one of Tesla’s main battery suppliers, is building a new battery cell factory in Kansas specifically to supply Tesla with 4680 cells. These cells will power the Model Y and the Cybertruck. Meanwhile, Panasonic is also developing new technology to increase battery energy density by a fifth by 2030. By using a new mix of additives, individual cells can run at higher voltages without damaging battery performance. This will allow Tesla vehicles to achieve more range and reduce battery cell usage, making EVs more affordable.


Tesla’s commitment to improving the efficiency, range, and charging speed of its EVs is what sets it apart from its competitors. The latest updates on software, Cybertruck production, faster superchargers, and battery technology show that the company is always looking for ways to enhance the overall driving experience. As Tesla continues to innovate and invest in new technologies, it will retain its leadership position in the EV market.

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