NEW Leaked Tesla Model 3 – Surprising Features That Exceeded Expectations

Tesla Recalls Over 400 Model 3s for Suspension Issue

In the latest Tesla news, the company has recalled over 400 Model 3s due to a suspension issue. Unlike previous recalls, this is not a software bug that can be fixed remotely, but a manufacturing error related to the front suspension lateral link fastener. Over time, this fastener could loosen, causing the lateral link to separate from the sub-frame and shift the wheel alignment, which could increase the risk of a crash. Tesla is recalling the affected vehicles and repairing them free of charge, as 25 warranty claims and 2 field reports had been received regarding this issue. Fortunately, there have been no accidents or injuries caused by this problem. With Tesla still a growing company ramping up operations worldwide, the company may face growing pains, including supply chain issues and manufacturing errors.

Tesla Appoints New Senior Vice President of Automotive and Nominates JB Straubel as Class I Director

In a recent SEC filing, Tesla announced Tom Zhu’s appointment as Senior Vice President of Automotive. Zhu has been with Tesla since April 2014 and served as Vice President for Greater China, overseeing the construction and operation of Gigafactory Shanghai. His expertise has contributed to much of Tesla’s growth, and he is expected to help propel the company’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla also nominated JB Straubel, one of its co-founders, as Class I Director. Straubel left Tesla in 2019 to found Redwood Materials, a company dedicated to building a circular battery supply chain. If he is elected to the board at Tesla’s 2023 annual shareholders meeting on May 16th, it may strengthen the relationship between Tesla and Redwood.

Tesla’s Project Highland: Revamping Model 3’s Production Process, Exterior, and Interior

Tesla is reportedly revamping the Model 3’s manufacturing process, exterior, and interior as part of its Project Highland initiative. While details have been scarce, sightings of Model 3s purposely covered up with camouflage indicate that Tesla will change the car’s exterior and upgrade its sensors. It is rumored that hardware 4.0 and new cameras may also be introduced. At the same time, Tesla is revamping its Model 3 production line in Fremont for Project Highland, which aims to make the manufacture of Model 3s much more efficient. According to a leaked photo on Reddit, Project Highland has caused significant changes to the Model 3’s exterior. New headlights, a redesigned front bumper, updated side mirrors, and new cameras and sensors are among the changes noted. The temperature sensor will be replaced with fabric, and the wood trim in the interior will also be upgraded. This updated Model 3 is scheduled to enter production in Q3 of this year. The changes featured here show Tesla’s commitment to improving its offerings and taking steps towards sustainable energy solutions.

Tesla Cybertruck Updates

The Cybertruck is a futuristic and innovative electric truck that has already been met with a lot of interest and anticipation. However, production has been delayed as Tesla focused on improving other products. According to recent updates, the Tesla Cybertruck may have a front camera similar to that in the new Model 3. The updated bumper is designed to accommodate the camera and will connect to the rest of the truck’s cameras. This may be useful for off-roading and navigating narrow roads. Elon Musk has also hinted at an optional laser blade that can slice through obstacles and obstacles to clear the way, which is more fitting for a sci-fi movie than a real-world product. While Tesla has yet to reveal when the Cybertruck will enter production, it has already garnered many pre-orders.


Tesla continues to innovate and improve its products as it works towards its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. However, as a growing company, Tesla has encountered growing pains, including supply chain issues and manufacturing errors. Still, Tesla has recalled and repaired affected vehicles and has made changes to revamp the Model 3’s production, exterior, and interior. With new personnel appointments and project initiatives announced, Tesla has the potential to further progress towards creating a more sustainable world. The future looks bright for Tesla as its products continue to draw interest and anticipation from consumers, including the innovative Cybertruck.

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