Tesla Autopilot loses to GM Super Cruise as a result of lack of driver monitoring in industry-wide test

Consumer Reports released a report based on a test of 17 driver-assist system and Tesla Autopilot got here in second to GM’s Super Cruise as a result of the dearth of driver monitoring in the previous. The result is comparable to their 2018 driver assist rankings.

The publication began its driver-assist system tests in 2018 with only a handful of systems.

Now two years later, the test has grown to 17 systems:

“In Consumer Reports’ first-ever rating of those systems, conducted in 2018, we evaluated systems from Cadillac, Nissan/Infiniti, Tesla, and Volvo. During the last two years these advanced technologies have turn out to be more mainstream, and CR’s testing this yr now includes 17 systems, including the unique 4.”

In the brand new 2020 rating, GM’s Super Cruise tested in a Cadillac CT6 took the primary place with Tesla Autopilot coming in second:

Nevertheless, on the subject of “capability and performance”, Consumer Reports believes that Tesla Autopilot is the perfect:

“With regards to lane keeping assist, Tesla did the perfect in our tests. But systems from Audi, Cadillac, and Lincoln performed almost as well. A great system will assist the motive force by maintaining placement in the middle of the lane and keeping the vehicle well inside the lane boundaries.”

Listed below are the automated driver-assist system rankings based solely on capability and performance:

What hurt Tesla Autopilot is the “keeping the motive force engaged” category, which is largely driver monitoring.

Super Cruise easily took the lead here with its eye-tracking technology:

“A camera-based driver monitoring system that uses eye-tracking technology checks to see whether the motive force is the road, and that’s why Cadillac’s Super Cruise is the clear winner on the subject of keeping the motive force engaged. Other systems require the motive force to put their hands on the wheel every every now and then, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the motive force is definitely the road ahead.”

Listed below are the rankings for ‘keeping the motive force engaged’:

Tesla Autopilot’s driver monitoring system consists only of detecting if torque is being applied to the steering wheel.

Here’s the full Consumer Reports’ report on driver-assist systems. Our review of GM’s Super Cruise is here for those unfamiliar

Electrek’s Take

I haven’t had experience with all these systems, but for those who I actually have tested, the rankings do appear to be accurate.

Nevertheless, I do think that capability and performance must have an even bigger weight than the opposite categories in the general rankings.

However, I do think that Tesla could use a greater driver monitoring system.

Super Cruise’s gaze tracking system isn’t perfect, but it surely’s an amazing step in the precise direction.

With what we’ve got been hearing about Tesla’s use of its driver-facing camera currently, we could see the same system coming from Tesla in the long run.

But Tesla appears so focused on full self-driving that it didn’t spend enough resources on driver monitoring for other automated driver-assist features.

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