Tesla Autopilot suggests lane change into oncoming traffic

Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot feature, which enables autonomous lane change on the highway, has suggested a lane change into oncoming traffic for a Model 3 driver.

Navigate on Autopilot was presupposed to be in the primary release of Tesla’s v9 software update, but they decided to tug it for further validation.

The feature was presupposed to enable on-ramp to off-ramp driving on the highway with the system doing all its own lane changes based on speed and the destination entered within the navigation system.

As we reported last 12 months, Tesla began releasing the feature in its 2018.42 software update, nevertheless it doesn’t mechanically perform the lane changes. Navigate on Autopilot suggests the lane changes and the drivers have to initiate them with the blinker stall.

In March, Tesla began pushing a brand new update that permits Navigate on Autopilot to initiate lane changes by itself without asking the motive force first.

The automaker has already logged in over 9 million lane changes — mostly without issue, nevertheless it’s still vital for drivers to remain attentive and be able to take control.

Tesla hacker green has delivered to light a great example of why it’s vital. He shared an image of a Model 3 owner using Navigate on Autopilot and receiving a lane change suggestion into upcoming traffic:

As shown on the image, the Model 3 is driving on a two-lane two-way undivided road and yet, Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot is suggesting to maneuver to the left lane though there’s no vehicle to pass and there’s oncoming traffic within the left lane:

We contacted Tesla concerning the issue and we are going to update if we get a solution concerning the situation.

Electrek’s Take

I actually have loads of experience with driving using Navigate on Autopilot in Quebec. I did notice that it will work on roads aside from highways, including undivided roads, but I don’t remember it ever suggesting a lane change on those roads.

The rationale behind the suggestion is unclear. It’s possible that the route required a left turn next and Autopilot believed that the automotive needed to be within the left lane to take a left turn.

On this case, it will be an issue with Autopilot’s maps, nevertheless it’s not 100% clear.

It’s actually worrying and serves as an ideal reminder to all the time stay vigilant and be able to take control when using Autopilot or Navigate on Autopilot.

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