Tesla captures lane-splitting motorcyclist intentionally hitting Model 3 for not making space on Autopilot

Tesla’s dashcam system, TeslaCam, captured a video of a lane-splitting motorcyclist intentionally hitting a Model 3’s side mirror apparently for not making space.

The Model 3 was on Autopilot and didn’t move to create space for the motorcycle, which raises an interesting query concerning the use of the motive force assist system.

In California, it’s legal for a bike to ride between lanes or rows of slow moving or stopped in traffic vehicles moving in the identical direction.

A Model 3 owner going by u/yorkhung on Reddit claimed that he was “attacked” by a lane-splitting motorcyclist yesterday:

“Today, I used to be driving on I-880 North using the Autopilot, and I used to be attacked by a motorcyclist.”

What he described as an “attack” was actually hitting the side mirror of his electric automotive.

He released a video captured by the TeslaCam on his Model 3:

The motorcyclist appears to have been frustrated by the indisputable fact that the Model 3 driver didn’t move to the left side of the lane to offer him more room to lane split.

The Model 3 driver wrote:

“I used to be on Autopilot going straight within the carpool lane for some time. The motorcyclist was just mad because his bike could be very wide and have little space to pass.”

We previously reported on a video showing how Tesla Autopilot detects lane-splitting motorcycles and the outcomes have been mixed.

Electrek’s Take

This is definitely an interesting situation.

Obviously, the motorcyclist is within the incorrect. It’s not justifiable to hit the Model 3’s mirror under any circumstance, especially considering it renders unusable a security feature of the vehicle.

But interestingly, the Model 3 driver can also be within the incorrect for not moving to the left – no less than in line with CHP’s lane splitting safety guidelines:

The driving force appears to be using Autopilot as an excuse for not having given the motorcyclist space, but Tesla drivers are imagined to be liable for monitoring the road and being able to take control in any respect times when using Autopilot.

Again, I’m not defending the motorcyclist here. He shouldn’t have hit the Model 3 and if the Tesla driver desires to report the incident, he’s inside his rights.

Either way, it could be interesting for Tesla to attempt to implement higher ways to detect lane-splitting motorcycles and have Autopilot potentially react to them by safely moving to the left to allow them to pass.

What do you’re thinking that? Tell us within the comment section below.

Featured Image: Watch how Tesla Autopilot detects lane-splitting motorcycles by Model 3 owner Scott Kubo

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