Tesla had talks with other automakers about licensing its self-driving software, Elon Musk says

Tesla had “preliminary” discussions with other automakers about licensing its self-driving software, in keeping with latest comments by CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla licensing software

Today, Tesla released its Q4 2020 financial results and following the discharge, the automaker held its usual conference call with management.

Through the call, CEO Elon Musk was asked by an analyst about Tesla potentially licensing a few of its software, especially Autopilot and Autobidder, to other firms.

Perviously, in the case of Autopilot, Musk has been immune to the concept, citing that it will be lots of work to adapt the system to other vehicles.

But now the CEO gave a special answer that surprised some:

We’ve had some preliminary discussions about licensing Autopilot to other OEMs.

Musk then added Tesla could be open to doing that in the longer term, but that he would like Tesla to prove a transparent path to full self-driving capability before licensing the software.

He didn’t disclose which other automakers Tesla has been talking to about using Autopilot of their vehicles.

In terms of Autobidder, an AI-based platform used to higher and more directly monetize energy storage assets, like Tesla’s Powerpacks, Powerwalls, and latest Megapacks, the CEO also said that the corporate is open to sharing the product.

The software is already used for battery systems owned by other firms.

Which other automaker?

It’s unclear which automakers Tesla has been talking to about Autopilot or ultimately, it seems like Elon was more talking about Full Self-Driving.

If I needed to guess, I’d consider automakers that Tesla is more friendly with, like Volkswagen or Daimler.

Nonetheless, each of those automakers, like virtually every automaker, have their very own self-driving and advanced driver assist software programs.

The very fact alone that other OEMs are willing to debate the likelihood with Tesla shows that they see the electrical automaker as a pacesetter within the space.

Which automakers do you’re thinking that were talking to Tesla? Tell us within the comment section below.

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