Tesla is forced to alter Autopilot in Germany

Tesla is forced to alter Autopilot features in Germany by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Many don’t know that Tesla’s Autopilot features will not be the identical all over the place.

That’s partly resulting from Tesla’s own approach that relies on data from its fleet to enhance Autopilot features and plenty of that data is coming from North America, and particularly California.

This ends in the system performing higher in some places than it does other places.

But regulations are also stopping Tesla from deploying a few of its Autopilot features in certain markets, including in Europe.

Now Tesla’s Autopilot is again being affected by regulations. In accordance with Wirtschaftswoche, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has found “abnormalities”.

The automaker reportedly “partly” fixed the problems with a software update, but there are still issues (translated from German):

In a Tesla investigation by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), which has been running because the starting of the 12 months, the electrical automotive manufacturer can book a partial success. In accordance with a KBA spokesman, the KBA carried out tests on Tesla vehicles as a part of market surveillance and located “abnormalities”. They’ve now been “already partially remedied by the manufacturer”. For the remaining problems, “further remedial measures are still being tested and validated”. The main target of the investigation is on the motive force assistance system (“Tesla Autopilot”).

KBA President Richard Damm commented on the situation. He said that the agency is waiting for information from Tesla and might intervene if it doesn’t receive it:

“If we don’t receive any information, we cannot rule out that systems don’t comply with the principles,” 

Earlier this 12 months, KBA had expressed concerns that Tesla Autopilot’s auto lane change feature could also be considered illegal in Europe.

This is simply the most recent example of Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving package being under pressure from regulators.

The system is currently under a big investigation by NHTSA.

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