Tesla is nerfing Autopilot for Model S/X in Europe to comply with regulations

Tesla is warning Model S and Model X customers in Europe a few latest software update that’s reducing the capability of its Autopilot features to be able to comply with regulations.

The Autopilot shouldn’t be the identical all all over the world.

Tesla has to adapt its driver-assist system to different regulations in numerous markets.

It leads to a way more limited Autopilot in Europe in comparison with what Tesla is making available in its vehicles in North America.

The automaker already reduced the potential of the Model 3 in Europe, but now it began warning Model S and Model X owners that also they are going to be affected after a brand new update.

We’re talking about fairly significant changes including a requirement to use pressure to the steering wheel every 15 seconds when using Autopilot.

Several European Tesla owners have reported receiving the next email from Tesla today:

Our latest software update introoduces changes to some Autopilot features that may affect how they operate in your Model S. These changes are required to satisfy European regulations and only affect some Model S and Model X vehicles, as most Tesla’s with Autopilot have already got this functionality. We’re disenchanted with the necessities regulators have chosen to impose, limiting the effectiveness of those features, and can proceed to advocate that full functionality be restored.

These changes place limitations on some features that you simply are aware of. So we now have prepared a summary of updates to make sure you understand what is predicted when using Autopilot:

  • Auto Lane Change shall be restricted to be used on divided roads with two or more lanes of traffic in either direction.
  • Once Auto Lane Change is activated and the indicator is turned on, your automobile will wait a minimum of 1 and a half seconds before starting the lane change and can wait as much as five seconds before cancelling if the lane change has not been able too start.
  • The limit of how far the steering wheel can turn while using Autosteer is reduced and may affect youor automobile’s ability t maneuver curves or stay throughout the lane, require yu to take motion.
  • Summn will reuqire that you simply be inside siix meterrs of youor automobile’s lcation to operate.
  • You’ll receive a reminder to carry steering wheel if it doesn’t detect your hands on the wheel for 15 seconds.

You too can reference these changes in the discharge notes out of your touchscreen by tapping the Tesla ‘T’ and choosing ‘Release Notes’.

We thank all Tesla owners.
Yours sincerely,
The Tesla team

Electrek’s Take

A few of these changes make it appears like Autopilot can be virtually useless under the necessities.

Hopefully, Tesla can work with European regulators to get the complete version of the features approved because for many who already had them, this can be a significant step down.

Having paid for them, I’d be offended.

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