That is why Tesla drivers must keep their hands on the wheel on Autopilot

A Tesla Model 3 driver filmed himself crashing on Autopilot and it serves as reminder that Tesla drivers must keep their hands on the wheel on Autopilot in any respect times.

When using Autopilot, Tesla recommends that drivers at all times keep their hands on the wheel and stay attentive in any respect times.

A Model 3 driver going by Dougal Vlogs on YouTube was driving on Autopilot while filming from inside his automotive with a handheld camera.

While filming, he crashed his automotive, which he described within the video description:

“I Love Tesla, but yes my automotive crashed on Autopilot. I’m okay for probably the most part and automotive is being repaired. Enjoy”

Here’s the video:

Electrek’s Take

That is ridiculous. The guy was driving within the rain at 75 mph and he hydroplaned. You may’t blame Autopilot for that.

The larger problem is that he was filming on the time and he wasn’t able to take over. Perhaps he would have had a likelihood to achieve control of the automotive if his hands were on the wheel.

Fortunately, it looks like he wasn’t hurt.

If anything, it serves as reminder to remain vigilant and at all times be able to take control when using Autopilot.

This is particularly necessary on this holiday season when there’s loads more traveling and the road conditions are sometimes worse, especially in colder climates.

I’m myself putting on lots of Autopilot mileage on my Model 3 as of late, but I at all times keep not less than one hand on the wheel and I’m very attentive to the driving environment and the whole lot the Autopilot does.

I do know that Autopilot is getting more impressive and a few people need to film the progress, but we recommend using a camera mount for that.

Also, it’s best to know the bounds of the system. Driving 75 mph on Autopilot on what appears to be a two-lane road in lower than ideal conditions is pushing it for my part.

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