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Tesla’s Latest News: Model 3 Leak, Powerwall 3, Cybertruck Updates, and More


Tesla has been in the news lately due to a variety of reasons ranging from recalls to personnel changes. In this article, we will delve into the latest Tesla news, including a full new Model 3 leak, Tesla’s upcoming powerwall 3, Cybertruck updates, and more. So, let’s get into it.

Recall of Over 400 Model 3s

Tesla has recalled over 400 Model 3s due to a suspension issue. In recent times, recalls from Tesla have usually been minor bugs that can be fixed with a software update. However, these recalls relate to manufacturing errors. Last month, they recalled over 3,000 Model Ys for seat belt issues, and a few weeks later, they were under investigation for a similar issue in some Model Ss and Xs, and the Semi had a physical recall also.

Now, we have reports of 2018 and 2019 Model 3s having problems with their front suspension lateral link fastener. While this is not seen as a serious issue, it could lead to the risk of a crash. Tesla is recalling these 422 cars “out of an abundance of caution” and will inspect and repair the affected vehicles free of charge.

The takeaway from these recalls is that Tesla is still a growing company, ramping their factories all over the world, and that’s going to come with some growing pains.

Personnel Changes at Tesla

Tesla is going to have some personnel changes. Tesla announced in an SEC filing that Tom Zhu would be appointed the Senior Vice President of Automotive. Tom Zhu joined Tesla in April 2014, and previously served as the Vice President for Greater China, overseeing the construction and operation of Gigafactory Shanghai. This promotion has been coming for a long time and reflects Tesla’s growth.

In the same filing, Tesla announced JB Straubel has been nominated as Class I director, and would be taking the place of their head of Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, who won’t be seeking re-election in the board. JB Straubel was one of Tesla’s co-founders, but left the company in 2019 and went on to found Redwood materials, a company dedicated to building a circular battery supply chain. Now though, he may be returning as a Tesla board member. In their SEC filing, Tesla said, “We believe that Mr. Straubel’s extensive operational experience in senior leadership at the Company, combined with his engineering expertise and passion for cleantech, will make him an important asset in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

Model 3 Leak

Ever since its launch in 2017, the Model 3 has remained largely the same. Tesla has made a lot of improvement when it comes to manufacturing efficiency, and that has been a big motivation for Project Highland. We first heard about Project Highland a few months ago, and while details have been scarce, we’ve known that Tesla will likely change the Model 3’s exterior a bit, upgrade its sensors, and completely revamp its manufacturing process.

We’ve had a number of sightings on the road where Tesla is covering up the front and rear of the Model 3, purposefully hiding the headlights. Tesla will be adding hardware 4.0 on the new Model 3, and that they could even be adding cameras to the front bumper or headlights in it. Then, we’ve seen multiple confirmations that Tesla is revamping their Model 3 production line in Fremont for this updated project Highland. The leak came via a post on Reddit, and we finally have a photo of what this updated Model 3 looks like under those covers.

The updated bumper size, and new headlights really change this car. It’s also missing a Tesla logo which could be what Tesla plans to ship or not. These headlights though take a lot of inspiration from the Tesla roadster. It looks a lot like a combination of a Model 3 and the Roadster. In general, Tesla is keeping what they have shipped on this car for a while, but these few changes make it stand out from previous years, and this design is loved by people who have seen it.


These are the latest updates we have on Tesla, and it seems like the automaker is gearing up for a major change in their operations. From the latest leaks suggesting a revamp of the Model 3, personnel changes, and recalls arising from manufacturing errors, Tesla is a growing company that is experiencing some growing pains. However, the future looks bright for Tesla as they continue to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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