Video of Tesla Model 3 crashing right into a truck on Autopilot goes viral

A video of a Tesla Model 3 crashing right into a truck on the highway while reportedly being on Autopilot goes viral. Here’s what we all know.

The incident happened in Taiwan yesterday.

A trucked rolled over to its side on the highway, leaving the roof of its box exposed to imminent traffic.

A Tesla Model 3 owner reportedly driving with some Autopilot driver-assist features didn’t see the truck and the protection feature didn’t stop a collision.

The electrical vehicle slammed into the truck at highway speed.

The accident was caught on security cameras and it has been going viral on social media:

Tesla shorts have been using the accident as evidence that the automaker’s Autopilot system is unsafe:

Nevertheless, they don’t note an important thing, which is that the Tesla driver is reportedly unhurt.

The local media reported (translated):

It will possibly be seen from the image that the impact force is so great that even the truck shakes. It is known that the Tesla driver was unharmed. He confessed to the police that the auxiliary system was turned on on the time, and the self-driving state was not adopted. There isn’t a drunk driving situation, and the relevant transcripts have been accomplished thus far, and the 2 parties should face the next compensation matters.

It’s unclear what is supposed by “the auxiliary system was turned on on the time, and the self-driving state was not adopted,” but it surely is believed that the Model 3 had at the least some Autopilot features activated on the time of the crash.

Within the video, it also appears that the motive force or the emergency automatic braking system applied the brakes on the last second based on brake skid smoke appearing a moment before the crash.

Electrek’s Take

It might be nice if Autopilot’s automatic emergency braking system would prevent accidents like that, but it surely doesn’t at all times work, and there’s no substitute for being attentive in any respect times.

Tesla is consistently improving its Autopilot features, but it surely still asks drivers to maintain their hands on the wheel and concentrate in any respect times each time they activate the features, which ultimately implies that the motive force is at fault here.

An important thing is that he is outwardly unhurt, which is nothing wanting a miracle after a crash like that. It looks just like the roof of the bed acted as a fantastic crumple zone.

Automatic emergency braking could have also played a task here in reducing the force of the impact, but it surely’s not clear if it was the system or the motive force who applied the brakes on the last second.

The rationale why Tesla and other vehicles on driver-assist features hit stationary objects on the road while at highway speed like that’s resulting from them trying to cut back the variety of false-positive braking events.

It can improve over time, but it surely’s an excellent reminder that drivers should stay attentive and able to take control in any respect times.

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