Watch Tesla Autopilot avoid running over a pig in the midst of the road

A Tesla owner shared a video of his automobile on Autopilot avoiding running over a pig in the midst of the road, and Elon Musk commented on the video.

Over time, videos of Tesla vehicles on Autopilot being involved in crashes have gone viral and have been reposted by media all over the world.

However, it’s way more frequent that Autopilot and the collision avoidance systems that it powers help avoid accidents, but these events don’t get reported nearly as much.

Tesla owner Pranay Pathole shared a really interesting video of such an instance.

It shows his Tesla avoiding what appears to be a wild pig in the midst of the road.

Pathole says that his vehicle was on Autopilot when avoiding the crash:

As you may see, the pig is barely visible within the front-facing camera view, nevertheless it appears that the vehicle avoids hitting it head on, and nevertheless it still hits on the side of the vehicle.

For a very long time, it has been believed that Autopilot wasn’t capable of do such a drastic evasion maneuver on account of built-in limitations to avoid causing an accident.

Nevertheless, there has recently been an increased variety of Tesla owners reporting Autopilot, or more specifically energetic safety features powered by Autopilot, avoiding crashes by doing a little impressively aggressive evasive maneuvers.

A Tesla Model 3 owner claimed “Autopilot saved his life” by swerving away in a near-miss on the highway, and one other similar incident was also caught on video just last yr.

Moreover, Tesla CEO Elon Musk commented on Pathole’s video, indicating that he agrees Autopilot might have been in play on this incident:

Autopilot prime directive is: Don’t crash. What seems fast to humans is slow to a pc. 360 degree low light vision and sonar, plus forward radar enable to be superhuman. Upcoming software upgrades will increasingly show the potential.

The CEO says that more upcoming updates are going to enhance on the present collision avoidance system.

Tesla already claims that it is way safer to drive with Autopilot than without:


Nevertheless, the info is skewed by the indisputable fact that people mainly use Autopilot on the highway, where it is simpler to build up more mileage without accident, but Autopilot’s safety features are all the time energetic.

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