Watch Tesla Autopilot drive through green light ‘knowingly’ for the primary time

Tesla Autopilot is now knowingly capable of drive through green lights, and a few owners are beginning to check it out.

I emphasize “knowingly” because technically Autopilot has all the time been capable of drive through intersections, but it surely didn’t really know what it was doing.

It was either attempting to stay inside a lane or to follow a lead automobile.

Now Tesla Autopilot has evolved enough that it actually knows what it’s doing.

Earlier this yr, Tesla has began to push an Autopilot update with the flexibility to detect and stop at traffic lights and stop signs.

The brand new feature is named “Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.”

It’s the primary time Tesla released a major feature to handle intersections, and it has been especially careful concerning the rollout of the brand new feature — admitting that the feature will probably be “conservative” at first and requiring drivers to substantiate when the Autopilot can actually cross an intersection.

While the vehicle will routinely stop at a red light or stop sign, it wouldn’t undergo an intersection when the sunshine is green. It required drivers to press the stalk or the accelerator as a confirmation for the vehicle to proceed.

Last week, Tesla has began pushing a brand new update to early access owners that removed the necessity for the driving force to substantiate before going through a green light, although there are requirements:

This software update accommodates improvements to our latest Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature. Your vehicle will not require driver confirmation to proceed through green lights while there’s a lead vehicle ahead of you and never in a turn lane. Every driver is answerable for remaining alert and lively when using Autopilot and have to be prepared to take motion at any time.

With this update, it’s technically the primary time Tesla Autopilot drives completely routinely and knowingly through green lights.

The software update has now began to be pushed to the broader fleet and Tesla owners are beginning to check it out:

Electrek’s Take

It looks prefer it’s working fairly well, but it can definitely be more useful in traffic.

I appreciate that the owner here had another person filming and so they decided to check it out in low traffic for the primary time.

As usual, while it’s impressive to see the improvements Autopilot is making, it continues to be only considered a driver-assist system, and meaning the driving force must be being attentive in any respect time and be able to take control.

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