Watch Tesla Autopilot help avoid a truck out-of-control

A Tesla owner shared a video of what appears to be Tesla Autopilot helping avoid a truck out-of-control in the precise lane.

Through the early days of Autopilot, Tesla was limiting the system from making drastic evasion maneuvers as a way to avoid causing accidents.

As an alternative, it might only apply brakes or steer away if it wasn’t 100% certain a collision was inevitable. It could still reduce the impact by slowing the automotive.

Nevertheless, we now have recently noticed a rise within the variety of reports from Tesla owners showing Autopilot, or more specifically energetic safety features powered by Autopilot, avoiding crashes by performing some impressively aggressive evasive maneuvers.

A Tesla Model 3 owner claimed “Autopilot saved his life” by swerving away in a near-miss on the highway, and one other similar incident was also caught on video just last 12 months.

More recently, Autopilot helped avoid crashing into animals, like a pig and a deer.

Now one other Tesla Model 3 owner provides an interesting example of Autopilot swerving out of the best way of a truck that was going uncontrolled before the motive force could see it:

The driving force wrote in the outline of the video:

“Tesla Autopilot saved my butt today. I don’t know if I’d’ve swerved left as quickly because the autopilot did without having to examine there first for traffic. All of it happened pretty quickly, but I’m reasonably sure there was an initial hard jerk ‘controlled by the automotive’ and I turned the wheel more considering the autopilot was tousled which kicked it off.”

He’s confident that the Autopilot managed to act to avoid an accident before he could.

As usual, take into accout that regardless that Tesla’s Autopilot is showing impressive performance, you need to still listen in any respect times and be able to take control together with your hands on the wheel.

The video was filmed through Tesla’s TeslaCam integrated dashcam feature.

To ensure that TeslaCam and Sentry Mode to work on a Tesla, you wish a number of accessories. We recommend Jeda’s Model 3 USB hub (now also available for Model Y) to give you the option to still use the opposite plugs and conceal your Sentry Mode drive. For the drive, I’m now using a Samsung portable SSD, which you should format, but it surely gives you a ton of capability, and it might probably be easily hidden within the Jeda hub.

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