Watch Tesla Autopilot reacting to a stop sign and making a right turn

The version of Tesla Autopilot in current customer vehicles today isn’t imagined to handle intersections, but there’s an interesting mostly unknown behavior of Navigate on Autopilot that makes it somewhat manage intersections.

Here you’ll be able to watch Tesla Autopilot reacting to a stop sign and making a right turn.

While Autopilot and its latest feature, Navigate on Autopilot, are intended to primarily be used on highways, Tesla owners have been known to attempt to push the motive force assist system.

With Navigate on Autopilot, Tesla vehicles can robotically take exit ramps, interchanges, and on-ramps, but what happens while you take an exit ramp that doesn’t lead to a different highway?

Most individuals simply disengage Autopilot and take over manually, but Model 3 owner Rémi Bergeron let it work and it resulted on this interesting video where we see Autopilot coming to a stop by itself at a stop sign and taking a right turn on the intersection:

Within the video, we are able to see Navigate on Autopilot taking the exit by itself and disengaging by itself because it approaches the intersection.

While Navigate on Autopilot is off, the regular Autopilot continues to be working on the vehicle involves a stop by itself.

In an email to Electrek, Bergeron explained what happened:

“The automotive at all times stops at the top of a highway exit since Navigate on Autopilot. On the stop, you simply need to the touch the accelerator to begin Autopilot again without Navigate on Autopilot. I didn’t speed up, you simply need to the touch the accelerator for lower than a second and the automotive will do the remaining on the intersection.”

Tesla recently released a video of its latest self-driving software which is capable of navigate intersections, but it surely’s not available in Tesla’s customer vehicles today.

Yet, that is an interesting capability that many house owners probably don’t find out about.

Electrek’s Take

I didn’t find out about this and I’ve used Navigate on Autopilot quite some time.

In interchanges, I’ll let it do its thing while staying vigilant and being able to take over, but when it could take an exit, I might at all times take over way before any intersection.

Autopilot looked as if it would handle the stop quite well.

As for the precise turn, I’m unsure that it actually intended to do a right turn after pressing the accelerator.

The vehicle didn’t initiate the turn signal and the precise line curved a lot before the stop line that the vehicle was type of already able to show right.

I feel it could have been a special situation at a 4-way stop for instance.

Either way, please ensure that to at all times stay attentive and be able to take control when using Autopilot – especially should you try to push it to its limits like this.

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