Watch Tesla Autopilot swerve eventually second to avoid a deer

We’re beginning to see an increasing variety of reports from Tesla owners about Autopilot doing a little really aggressive maneuvers to avoid crashes.

On this recent example, a Tesla owner shares a video of Autopilot swerving to avoid a deer on the last second.

Throughout the early days of Autopilot, Tesla was limiting the system from making drastic evasion maneuvers as a way to avoid causing accidents.

As a substitute, it will only apply brakes or steer away if it wasn’t 100% certain a collision was inevitable. It could still reduce the impact by slowing the automotive.

Nonetheless, we’ve recently noticed a rise within the variety of reports from Tesla owners showing Autopilot, or more specifically lively safety features powered by Autopilot, avoiding crashes by doing a little impressively aggressive evasive maneuvers.

A Tesla Model 3 owner claimed “Autopilot saved his life” by swerving away in a near-miss on the highway, and one other similar incident was also caught on video just last yr.

More recently, we reported on Tesla Autopilot avoiding running over a pig in the course of the road.

Now Tesla owner Russ Lepage from Saskatchewan, Canada, shares a formidable video of Autopilot doing something similar by avoiding a deer on the road:

The TeslaCam video shows a Model 3 making a really quick maneuver to avoid the deer, and Lepage claims that the Autopilot did it routinely.

Now we have seen Autopilot detecting deers before:

While it doesn’t represent it as a deer within the driving visualization, you’ll be able to see that Autopilot detected an object represented as a pedestrian.

Electrek’s Take

Over time, videos of Tesla vehicles on Autopilot being involved in crashes have gone viral and have been reposted by media around the globe.

However, it’s rather more frequent that Autopilot and the collision avoidance systems that it powers help avoid accidents, but these events don’t get reported nearly as much.

Share this with our friends who only hear about Autopilot causing crashes.

As usual, bear in mind that although Tesla’s Autopilot is showing impressive performance, it’s best to still concentrate in any respect times and be able to take control along with your hands on the wheel.

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