Watch what Tesla Autopilot can see in a rainstorm

One in all the important concerns with self-driving vehicles is how they’ll react to different climates and weather conditions. Now we get an idea of the potential as we take a have a look at what Tesla Autopilot can see in a rainstorm at night.

During the last yr, we began getting a a lot better understanding of what Tesla’s Autopilot can see because of the work of Tesla hackers ‘verygreen’ and ‘DamianXVI’.

With access to Tesla’s Autopilot ECU, they’ve been creating rare looks at what Tesla Autopilot can see and interpret since last summer.

Just a few months later, They did it again with a brand new Tesla drive in Paris through the eyes of Autopilot and again using Tesla’s latest version of Autopilot within the new edition 9 software.

In a brand new video, verygreen is now sharing footage showing what Tesla Autopilot is in a position to detect during heavy rain at night:

The general performance appears to be quite impressive though there are still some issues to iron out, just like the visual detection of the truck was sometimes lacking.

He also made a second video:

Tesla recently held its Autonomy day‘ during which the automaker went into detail about its plan to develop full self-driving capability using its vision based system currently utilized in Autopilot.

Electrek’s Take

Those are usually not perfect representations of what Tesla’s system is in a position to detect through its sensor suite, nevertheless it’s the very best now we have and it’s coming from a third-party. That’s greater than we are able to say about any company developing self-driving capability aside from perhaps and its openpilot.

There’s no other major company developing autonomous driving systems which are already being reviewed by customers to this level.

It’s one among the the explanation why I like Tesla’s approach to autonomy. I’d like Tesla (directly) and other corporations to release videos like these show just how good their sensor suites may be.

In some ways, they’re higher than the present sensors used to drive cars: human eyes. Things like which are going to construct confidence in self-driving technology.

But within the meantime, please at all times keep in mind that Autopilot is supposed to be a driver assist system and it’s best to at all times concentrate and be able to take control.

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