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Tesla’s Latest Updates: From Robotics to Cybertruck and Service Expansion


Tesla has been the buzz of the town with its recent updates on robotics, cybertruck and service expansion. The company’s vision towards artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy is fueled with their AI-based neural network training approach. Though Elon Musk made some promises, Tesla’s approach is evolving at a fast pace with the FSD beta being expanded. The recent buzz is around Tesla’s robot, which was introduced as a dummy on stage, but has now fascinated engineers. Furthermore, the company made headlines with the construction of a massive machine that will press the Cybertruck’s body panels. In this article, we will discuss these latest developments in the world of Tesla.

Tesla’s Investment in AI

Tesla’s investment in AI is driven by their goal of achieving full autonomy. Their approach is based on an AI-based neural network training approach. The company believes that their AI-based approach can help their cars understand any situation in the real world to drive safer than humans. Elon Musk’s recent updates on AI have been about the expansion of FSD beta. In May, Musk stated that Tesla would have self-driving cars without the need for human drivers by 2023. A recent update on the beta expansion has also been implemented. Tesla is now focusing on the Tesla Bot, which was unveiled at the AI day event in August. The bot functions like a human with a height, weight, electromechanical actuators and more. Tesla’s AI day was scheduled for August but has now been pushed back to September 30th. It is likely that Tesla may have a functional Tesla Bot to demonstrate at this event.

Cybertruck Updates

The news about the Cybertruck has been heating up, and it has become evident that Tesla plans on making this crazy truck. Tesla’s Cybertruck body will be built by a massive machine constructed by IDRA. The company’s giga presses were used to construct the massive 9,000-ton giga-gigapress, which is just the first step towards the production of Cybertruck. Cybertuck’s design has been updated over the years, but the company’s recent renderings have shown a wider wheelbase that allows for double tires in the rear.

Tesla Service Expansion

Tesla is expanding its services, and it is something that Tesla owners have been waiting for a long time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted that Tesla would begin expanding its service center network to include some areas with a high density of Teslas that don’t currently have any nearby service. He also wrote that Tesla would be starting mobile service in several of these areas to ensure that people can get quick repairs and service support during Tesla’s network expansion. This initiative will not only relieve their customers, but it will also increase Tesla’s customer base.


In conclusion, Tesla is making remarkable progress in the world of AI, robotics, and automotive. Their investment in AI has made them a pioneer in the automotive industry, and with their FSD beta and Tesla Bot, they are aiming towards a future of autonomous driving. The Cybertruck is no longer just a concept, but Tesla’s construction of the 9,000-ton giga press has made it a reality. Finally, Tesla’s service expansion is a boon for Tesla owners, and it will be fascinating to see how it pans out. All in all, these latest updates show that Tesla is bound to rule the automotive industry in the coming years.

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