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Tesla Updates: Model S and X Discontinued in Australia, New Powerwall Programs, & More

Tesla has been making headlines again with updates to their autopilot safety features, changes in available models in specific markets, new powerwall programs, and more. Keep reading to get caught up on all the latest Tesla news.

Automatic Emergency Braking Updates

Tesla is updating its autopilot safety features, specifically the automatic emergency braking system. The new software version 2023.12 will add more functionality to the system in reducing the impact of frontal and reverse collisions. The system has also been updated to determine the distance from detected objects and not just those in front of the car. Furthermore, the operational speed of the system has been increased from 90 miles per hour to 124 miles per hour. While there are some exceptions to the application of the automatic emergency braking system, it is enabled by default for each drive. In addition, even if AEB is disabled, the vehicle may still apply the brakes after detecting an initial collision to reduce further impact.

Model S and X Eliminated in Australia

Tesla has discontinued the Model S and X models in Australia, and prospective buyers cannot place orders for those cars anymore. While right-hand drive models are still being sold in the UK, Australia has yet to receive any deliveries of these refreshed models. Pre-orders opened for both the Model S and X models in the US unveiling, with an estimated delivery date of late 2022. However, prices and delivery times were taken off the website in late 2021, but people could still place a refundable pre-order. If Tesla does not plan to release these models in Australia, they would have to refund all pre-order deposits.

The Latest Cyber Truck Updates

During their Q1 2023 earnings call, Tesla confirmed that the Cybertruck is still on track to begin production later this year at Giga Texas. Tesla provided photos of the pilot line tooling and tests being carried out in winter. Elon Musk reiterated that they plan to have a Cybertruck delivery event around September of this year. There have been sightings of the truck in Fremont, with some thinking that it looks shorter than before. It’s crucial to note that there have been no official announcements about any changes to the dimensions of the Cybertruck.

Tesla’s Inventory Increases

Tesla’s inventory for all of its cars has been growing in recent months, which may or may not be a problem. It could be the best time to sell a Tesla, or it could be a bad time to buy one. Despite the cuts in vehicle prices of up to 20%, the inventory reached a new high in the US, carrying 15 days worth of inventory because of vehicles in transit. This is particularly interesting, given the price cuts. Tesla is ramping up production of all its vehicles all over the world and tries to adjust pricing to match the shifting production rates. However, it’s not a perfect science. Data gathered by Matt Zhong, a Tesla investor and inventory tracker, shows an upward trend since October of 2021, leading to a peak of 2600 cars. When looking at the breakdown of specific cars in inventory, it looks like the Model X is the main problem. Over 1200 Model X’s were recorded as of April 27th. However, this could be just a temporary problem caused by Tesla deploying more inventory for a short period ahead of switching production for other markets.

New Powerwall Programs

Tesla is launching new powerwall programs to increase the availability of solar energy storage options. The Direct Solar program allows customers to combine a Solar Field with a Powerwall system. This move will help homeowners who have limited roof space for solar panels. They would still be able to install more panels on the Solar Field, creating more energy from solar sources and storing it in the Powerwall.


Tesla continues to work on improving its technology and expanding its market reach by offering new programs and updating its software systems. While some changes, such as the elimination of the Model S and X in some markets, may cause concern, Tesla remains a leader in the electric vehicle industry and is at the forefront of technology innovation. It will be interesting to see what developments will occur in the future for Tesla, but it’s undoubtedly an exciting time for those interested in electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

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