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Latest Tesla News: Model Y Updates, Starlink, Cybertruck Sightings and More

Tesla is back in the news again with an assortment of updates and developments across a range of products. In this article, we will cover the latest news, including Model Y updates, Starlink, Cybertruck sightings, and more.

FSD Beta Strikes

The latest version of Tesla’s FSD beta, which is set to include new features, is being rolled out to select beta customers. However, the company has been strict with monitoring drivers using beta software since they are testing autonomous driving capabilities. Previously, beta testers received an email notification after three strikes; the number of strikes has now been increased to five, and the notification appears on screen. A reset of these strikes is coming, as per Elon Musk. This move is crucial since Tesla is increasing the FSD package’s price to $15,000.

Tesla’s Battery Health Check

New software updates on Tesla’s app allow you to move the blind spot camera’s position, sync settings via the cloud, and feature some UI improvements. Separately, Tesla is slowly rolling out a feature to check your Tesla’s battery health. This feature is set up to run a diagnostic once you request battery service, for instance, due to range loss concerns. While still in the testing stage, this feature will add peace of mind to many customers regularly checking up on the battery’s health.

New Model Y Configuration

Tesla is launching a rear-wheel-drive standard range Model Y in Europe, a configuration previously available for a brief period in the US. Despite discontinuing the model due to low range, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been bullish on a 250-mile minimum range. At 283 miles (455km) WLTP, this new configuration is available at a significantly cheaper rate than the base-model long-range Model Y available in the US. The configuration will be available in Europe between December 2022 and February 2023. It is unclear if it will be built in Giga Berlin or Giga Shanghai, where they have been building it for some time.

Model Y Design Updates

Tesla is still busy rolling out new design updates for the Model Y, with an updated door panel that extends the dash trim, a new cargo cover available on vehicles produced at Fremont factory, and Matrix LED headlights being added to the long-range models out of Fremont. The matrix headlights’ addition is temporary since the company will revert to non-matrix headlights due to supply shortages.

Tesla and Starlink

In another development, over 10,000 Tesla vehicles in North America appear to be designated with a Starlink Internet service plan. As per Electrek’s sources, the Starlink ID is visible using Tesla’s diagnostic software, indicating that the company is integrating Starlink Internet connectivity into its vehicles. This move may lead to a broader integration of Starlink with Tesla vehicles, including ride-hailing services.

Cybertruck Sightings

On a final note, Cybertruck sightings are becoming more common as the vehicle moves closer to production. Recently, there have been sightings near Tesla’s Giga Texas facility, where the Cybertruck is expected to be produced. With Tesla CEO Elon Musk affirming that the vehicle’s production will start in 2022, we can expect more sightings and details about the futuristic vehicle.


Tesla is a dynamic company that regularly updates its products with new features and capabilities. These latest developments for the FSD beta, battery health check, Model Y configurations, design updates, Starlink, and Cybertruck sightings show that Tesla is always innovating. With Elon Musk and his team behind the company, there is guaranteed to be much more exciting news to come.

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