Did Elon Musk Expose the Truth about the Alleged Tesla Phone Model Pi?

The Truth About the Tesla Phone: Debunking Rumors and Speculation


For years, the rumor has been circulating on the internet that Tesla is developing its own smartphone. According to numerous sources, the phone might be called the Tesla Model Pi. But how much truth is there to these rumors? In this article, we will delve into the topic and discuss why Tesla would not enter the smartphone market. We will also examine the various rumors and speculations about the Tesla phone and debunk them one by one.

Tesla’s Mission Beyond Cars

While Tesla is primarily known for its electric cars, the company has a broader mission that goes beyond just automobiles. For instance, Tesla also sells solar panels for various purposes, and the company is working on developing self-driving technology and expanding artificial intelligence to a humanoid form in the future.

However, when it comes to smartphones, it is essential to understand that the market is already dominated by established players such as Apple and Samsung. With over 83% of the world’s population owning smartphones, the competition is not something that Tesla can overlook. Besides, creating hardware and software for a phone is not the same thing as developing it for electric cars.

The Tesla Approach

Tesla’s approach to cars is notably different from that of other car companies. Firstly, they only produce electric cars, and secondly, their cars have much simpler controls inside. For example, the Model Y and Model 3 models have a 15-inch central touch screen that controls almost everything except driving. This simplicity sets their cars apart from traditional cars and makes them unique in the automotive industry.

Tesla has also demonstrated a willingness to try new things, such as the unusual steering wheel design on the new Model S and the cybertruck’s futuristic design. However, this does not mean that going into the smartphone market is a good idea for Tesla.

Debunking Rumors and Speculation

Despite rumors and speculation, the reality is that Tesla is not developing a smartphone. Most of the rumors appear to be unfounded, and videos claiming to be the official unpacking of the Tesla phone are just clickbait. YouTubers and fan channels create these videos to lure viewers with exciting but fake headlines.

One of Tesla’s most reputable insiders, Saverin Merritt, has confirmed that a Tesla phone is nothing but a fake rumor. While fans may dream up various features for a hypothetical Tesla phone, Tesla is much more likely to focus on the design and development of its already-established electric vehicles.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has also dismissed the idea of a Tesla phone as “old technology,” saying that smartwatches and phones are yesterday’s technologies. Musk has suggested that the future is in neurolynx, a technology that would allow for interaction between humans and machines directly through the brain.


The rumors and speculations that Tesla is making a smartphone, the Tesla Model Pi, are not true. While it is true that Tesla is innovative and has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry, developing a smartphone is simply not in line with their core business. The smartphone market is already dominated by tech giants, and even though Elon Musk has a loyal fan base, a Tesla phone is not likely to disrupt the market.

Tesla is more likely to focus on developing new technologies for their electric cars, such as self-driving capabilities, expanding battery technologies and making the cars more efficient and affordable. For now, Tesla fans will have to be content with the high-tech features in their cars and wait for the next generation of EVs from Tesla to continue reshaping the automotive industry.

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