‘Project Highland’ Tesla Model 3 with Latest Wheels Spotted in Testing

Image: The Kilowatts/Twitter

A refreshed Tesla Model 3 is spotted with latest wheels during testing in California. The automotive is being updated as a part of Project Highland and may have several changes, a few of which are actually hidden under cover within the front and rear of the automotive.

Tesla continues to check the refreshed Model 3. The Kilowatts/Twitter spotted the “Project Highland” vehicle during testing. Although the modified cars have been seen on the roads persistently before, this time the Model 3 was different. The automotive had latest stylish wheels that were different from all which might be available on various models now. They give the impression of being much like the 18” Tesla Aero wheels but lacked a hubcap, which could give a misunderstanding of their appearance.

Tesla is working on an updated Model 3 under codename “Project Highland.” In recent months, updated cars have been repeatedly spotted on the roads during testing and in parking lots. Their front end and back end were at all times covered. This hinted that the Tesla could have had a facelift. Tesmanian editor @SmokeyShorts/Twitter noticed that the front side door stamping has been modified. Now, you’ll be able to see the curve that seems to proceed beyond the side camera, the identical as with Model Y. As well as, there is concept that the corporate can have installed a brand new set of cameras. In any case, that is just speculation in the mean time and more details shall be revealed when the corporate is prepared.

Some predict more information to return out during Investor Day on March 1, 2023, at Giga Texas. Nonetheless, in response to unconfirmed information, the corporate plans to start out production at the top of this yr, so it will be unwise to present exhaustive information immediately. Amongst the key speculations in regards to the changes to Model 3 is the usage of HW4 hardware, latest cameras, a structural battery pack, and a brand new manufacturing method that would cut its production costs significantly.


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