Sighting of Tesla Model S/X Equipped with Autopilot Cameras and Steering Wheels, No Rear Emblems

Sighting of Tesla Model S/X Equipped with Autopilot Cameras and Steering Wheels, No Rear Emblems

The Kilowatts have uncovered some exciting new builds at Tesla‘s Fremont Factory, featuring upgrades to Models S and X. Notably, these builds feature Autopilot cameras without ultrasonic sensorsrumoured to be Version 4.0 of Tesla‘s Autopilot hardware.

To confirm their findings, the Kilowatts provided photographs that showed the changes in comparison to images of older builds featuring Model X cameras with ultrasonic sensors. The side repeater cameras in the newer vehicles boast a significantly wider viewing angle, pointing more to the sides than the rear.

Similarly, front Autopilot cameras have also undergone layout changes which are evident from the images. This discovery shows the potential for exciting new technology within Tesla‘s fleet.

model s/x front camera new

For the side pillar cameras, the brand new Model S/X clearly has an upgraded lens and housing:

model s/x side cameras new

As for the rear camera, it’s also evident that the brand new camera is larger as well and has a much bigger housing too:

model s/x rear camera new

The Kilowatts also shared a few of the most effective images of the brand new Model S and Model X rear design that not has a “T” emblem.

Here’s the Model S and not using a rear emblem, while the letters “TESLA” are in chrome:

Model s no emblem

Here’s the identical rear of the Model X without rear emblem as well and recent chrome letters for “TESLA”:

Model x no emblem

Tesla has recently demonstrated its innovation by offering customers the option to install a retrofit steering wheel, along with the more modern yoke, in its Model S and Model X vehicles. The Kilowatts also debunked a recent rumor circulated by Tesla fan @Teslascope that suggested that camera would be incorporated into the headlight housing unit, as part of its Hardware 4.0 technology.

Meanwhile, @BLKMDL3 reported that the Model S Plaid will feature caliper covers over its old calipers, with a coat of red paint instead. This is somewhat of a letdown, as the vehicle could really do with better brakes rather than just a lick of paint. The rotors remain unchanged.

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