Tesla Giga Berlin Confirms Launch of Battery Factory, Which Is Already

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Tesla Giga Berlin confirms that it has launched its battery factory. Although there is just not yet a full-fledged production of batteries, the factory supplies their parts, that are then used for production.

Tesla Giga Berlin has officially put its battery factory into operation, Brandenburg’s economy minister, Jörg Steinbach, announced on Wednesday. He confirmed that for the time being, the corporate only produces some battery components, that are then used for production.

“The constructing is buzzing, it’s crowded,”Steinbach told rbb. He said that the manufacturing process for the battery parts which can be produced there’s already well developed. “What’s manufactured there as a pre-product fully utilizes this constructing on the spot,” Steinbach added.

In early February, Tesmanian exclusively revealed that Giga Berlin is establishing anode mixing, which goes “super well.” This might hint that the corporate’s success to this point is within the production of an anode for its batteries.

After the US government created favorable conditions, including tax breaks for battery production domestically, Tesla focused on the initial launch of the total production of 4680 batteries within the US. Nevertheless, this doesn’t cancel the corporate’s plan to launch battery production in Germany, but only barely postpones it. Once anode production has reached a certain set stage, Tesla will begin the installation of the cathode line, Tesmanian sources said.

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