Elon Musk urges leaders and officials to post messages directly on Twitter

During his virtual appearance on the World Government Summit in Dubai on Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk invited his fellow leaders to run their very own Twitter accounts. Musk noted that by doing so, leaders could speak more authentically on social media. 

Even before he acquired the social media company for $44 billion last yr, Elon Musk was already certainly one of Twitter’s most energetic and most prolific users. But while other notable accounts reminiscent of US President Joe Biden tend to keep up a tailored approach to their tweets, Musk has made a repute for tweeting out his thoughts as they arrive. 

This leads to Musk getting plenty of praise, criticism, admiration, and hate at the identical time — repeatedly. Despite this, Musk noted during his segment on the World Government Summit that it’s good for people to talk of their voice. He also noted that leaders should communicate often. 

“I’d recommend communicating loads on Twitter. And I feel it’s good for people to talk of their voice versus how they think they need to speak. , sometimes people think, ‘Well, I should speak in this manner that is predicted of me,’ nevertheless it finally ends up sounding stiff and never real,” Musk said

The CEO addressed a possible concern of some notable people on Twitter, which is criticism. As per Musk, the criticism on the social media platform is manageable, and one should have thick skin. Musk is sort of correct on this, considering that he and his firms get consistently attacked on social media. 

“So I’d encourage CEOs of firms and legislators and ministers and so forth to talk authentically. I feel there’s sometimes a priority about criticism, but I feel at the tip of the day, , having some criticism is tremendous. It’s not likely that bad. I’m consistently attacked on Twitter, frankly, and I don’t mind. You could have to be somewhat thick-skinned at times because they are going to really attempt to twist the knife,” Musk said. 

Watch Elon Musk’s segment on the World Government Summit below. 

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