Elon Musk Wreaks Havoc on Russia’s Finest Vessel – What Happened Next?

Elon Musk’s Involvement in the Ukrainian Conflict


The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused geo-political tension and been making headlines for years. Amidst this conflict, SpaceX founder and CEO, multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, has been providing assistance to Ukraine. In this article, we will delve into how Elon Musk has helped Ukraine and the technologies he has provided to aid their fighting against Russia.

Stalling in Ukraine

Elon Musk, through SpaceX, has provided access to stalling in Ukraine, which has been employed by the military in their struggle against Russian tanks and ships. The internet terminals provided by stalling have been helping the Ukrainian army to stay online against the backdrop of the Russian strikes on their infrastructure. More than 5,000 stalling internet terminals were activated in the country last month, which have been particularly effective for Ukraine against the political conflict between the countries.

Elon Musk’s Satellites Connect Ukraine to the Internet

Stalling was conceptually designed as a civilian program, but the Ukrainian military has been employing it to control drones and attack Russian targets. The surface ships at sea are now guaranteed to be detected and destroyed from a distance greater than the range of their detection equipment. A few days after the members of the Ukrainian military were provided with this satellite internet terminal, Elon Musk warned the authorities to use the devices with caution since they are not Russian communication system satellites.

Elon Musk’s Warning

Musk acknowledged that the stalling satellite internet system used by Ukraine is at a high risk of becoming a target of attacks. According to media reports, the group Airway Daily performs about 300 missions to collect information, and the attacks are carried out at night since drones, some of which are equipped with thermal cameras, are difficult to see in the dark.

Russia Considers SpaceX a Threat

Russia considers Elon Musk’s companies a threat as their technology has a dual use system, which can be used for military purposes. Experts have stated that it could be possible to direct cruise missiles through any tactical communications satellite, even in low orbit. The larger number of small rapidly deployable satellites of various types launched into earth orbit is causing geopolitical concern and may further contribute to an increase in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

What Other Technologies Will Musk Acquire?

Spacex’s engineer stated that the company conducted exciting tests earlier this year using space laser prototypes on two stalling satellites, which can transmit gigabytes of data per second. These technologies allow states to gain significant military advantages through cheap deployment of spacecraft to any country, enabling the state to develop an alternative to traditional navigation systems for the military. The Pentagon wants to expand its space defense and combat capabilities beyond the traditional supply chain, and technology startups can provide hardware and software much faster and more economically.


Elon Musk, through SpaceX, has provided assistance to Ukraine where stalling was deployed to aid the military in their struggle against Russia. The technology which Musk has provided Ukraine has had a significant impact in military operations, which is causing concern among geopolitical governments. However, Musk’s help with Ukrainian military operations raises plenty of questions about the future and risks involved. Both technology and politics are continuously evolving, and it remains to be seen what further aid Elon Musk will provide Ukraine to help in the conflict.

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