“Elon Musk’s Latest Tesla Phone Model Pi Surpasses Apple’s iPhone 14 – What Makes It So Revolutionary?”

Tesla Model Pi vs. Apple iPhone 13 Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison


Elon Musk is always at the forefront of innovation, and his latest project is the highly anticipated Tesla Model Pi smartphone. This phone is said to be the most sophisticated on the market, surpassing even the latest iPhone from Apple. In this article, we will compare the Tesla Model Pi phone and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, discussing their features and benefits and determining which is the better smartphone.

Apple’s Dominance in the Smartphone Industry

Apple is undoubtedly a household name in the smartphone industry, selling over 200 million smartphones worldwide last year. The company does a lot of great things with its iPhones, updating them every year and offering new and improved features. However, the latest contender in the market is the Tesla Model Pi, which has the support of the richest billionaire in the world and has the potential to surpass the iPhone in terms of innovation and features.

Manufacturing the Smartphones

Apple is known for designing and developing its smartphones in the United States before contracting for actual production. The camera lenses, processors, displays, and other equipment are all manufactured by partners around the world. In contrast, Tesla can set up its assembly plants if it wants to preserve its legacy of making its own products. However, the production of a factory for smartphones is not the same as factories for the production of electric vehicles, so Tesla may potentially adopt a conservative approach and outsource the first few units.


The camera systems of Apple and Tesla are extremely similar, but the iPhone 13 Pro has three lenses on the back, making it more capable of taking fantastic pictures, even with a wide lens. According to reports, the Tesla Model Pi phone has four lenses that offer even more capabilities. With the Model Pi phone’s astrophotography focus and powerful cameras, users can take high-resolution photos of astronomical objects.


The Apple iPhone has a tilted screen, and the front camera and other sensors are located in the cutout. While this design has become famous, many people do not like it because it consumes precious screen real estate. On the other hand, the Tesla Model Pi phone has no notch or bump, ensuring that the screen is seamless and eye-catching. Furthermore, the camera is hidden under the screen, and the phone has a fingerprint scanner under the screen, making it more convenient to unlock.


The iPhone can be charged remotely, but it is not as fast as other premium phones. In contrast, the Tesla Model Pi phone will contain built-in solar panels, allowing users to charge it with solar energy rather than relying on a connector. The smartphone itself will become a walking charging station, and in 30 minutes in direct sunlight, the device will replenish the battery supply by 20%.

Computing Power

Every year, Apple improves the processor in the iPhone, but their achievements have not yet impressed the entire world. In contrast, the Tesla Model Pi phone’s chipset is expected to be formidable, mainly because the phone will be used for cryptocurrency mining, with mars coins being a possible cryptocurrency speculated to be mined by the phone.

Satellite Internet

The Tesla Model Pi phone will be able to use the Starlink satellite service to connect to the internet at high speeds. This service is still in beta, but it has already grown in popularity with technical testers willing to pay for a satellite dish. Spacex has signed up to provide telephony services, but the specifics of the offers have not yet been disclosed. The potential to use a phone to access high-speed internet anywhere on earth is something that the iPhone lacks.


In conclusion, the Tesla Model Pi smartphone has the potential to surpass the iPhone in terms of innovation, features, and capabilities. With Musk’s innovative mind and support, the smartphone will undoubtedly become a popular device, especially for owners of Tesla electric cars. With features such as solar panels, powerful cameras, a fingerprint scanner, and the potential to mine cryptocurrency and use satellite internet, the Tesla Model Pi phone is sure to disrupt the smartphone industry and become a game-changer.

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