How did Elon Musk rely on the Russians to thwart Vladimir Putin’s plans?

Elon Musk Calls for a New President in Russia

Elon Musk is a figurehead in both the media space and the tech world. He has a large following in Russia where he has many fans who frequently request him to speak as a guest at various online conferences. Recently, Musk called for the election of a new president in Russia, and this has garnered a lot of attention even from the Russian government.

Musk’s Appeal to the Russian People

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, many experts predict that President Vladimir Putin’s downfall could be imminent. Several pundits have suggested that the crushing economic sanctions and disappointment in the costs of war could eventually lead to Putin’s term collapse. However, according to research, authoritarian leaders fall through either a military coup or a popular uprising. Hence, the question on everyone’s mind is whether Elon Musk can convince the Russian people to choose a new president.

Why Elon Musk is Popular in Russia

Elon Musk has a large following in Russia, and his popularity is on the rise. He quotes Soviet rocket achievements, reflects on the future of humanity and technology, and jokes about his extraterrestrial origin. The billionaire is also a proponent of space exploration and has urged the international space station to build a base on the moon and even a city on Mars.

Musk’s Participation in the Russian Marathon

Elon Musk participated in the Russian marathon, an event aimed at fostering more dialogue between the United States and Russia. The tech mogul expressed his admiration for the creative history of the Russians in technology and referred to the scientist Constantine Salkovsky, who is known as one of the fathers of the theory of cosmonautics. Salkovsky explained that the earth is the cradle of humanity, but we can’t stay in the cradle forever. Musk believes that there should be more communication between Russia and the United States, and he welcomed the opportunity to participate in the marathon.

Insight on the Crisis in Ukraine and Russia

The crisis in Ukraine and Russia is one of the significant global issues today. The conflict has seen many people die, and tensions continue to rise. The majority of Russian residents do not know the real situation in Ukraine and the suffering it brings. Hence, Elon Musk’s influence could help shed more light on the issue, and hopefully, something positive can be done.

The Unlikelihood of Putin’s Impeachment

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Putin’s impeachment is highly unlikely. The Russian leader has done a good job of preparing his administration against any possible uprising or coup d’etat. Although Elon Musk’s influence among the Russian people is growing, it’s unlikely that he can convince them to choose a new president.


Elon Musk is a figurehead globally, and his influence is valued by millions. However, when it comes to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it’s unlikely that Musk can influence the Russian people to choose a new president. Putin’s administration is well-prepared against any possible uprising or coup d’etat. Nonetheless, Musk’s influence can help shed more light on the crisis, and together, we can do something positive towards ending the ongoing conflict.

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