Must you buy a used Tesla while prices are low?

Used Tesla vehicles have dropped in price in recent months, causing many prospective buyers to think about buying one with a lower cost tag and an older battery. There’s rather a lot to think about when used Tesla vehicles, and one outlet recently checked out the downward trend to see what purchase routes could possibly be best for consumers. 

Above: Tesla’s Model 3, Model S and Model Y (Image: Tesla).

All used Tesla models have step by step dropped in average price on the used inventory site since peaking in July, as identified by the publication in a recent report. As to how much the recent price cuts on latest Tesla models have contributed to the drop, the jury’s still out. But those considering buying a Tesla may give you the chance to seek out what they’re in search of in used inventories at a cheaper cost.

In January, the outlet noticed that each model 12 months of used Model Y units had dropped by between 2 and 5 percent since peaking in July at a mean price of $73,882. The common used Model Y had fallen by about 5 percent since December, and by 23 percent since last July. Tesla’s used Model 3 units followed suit, down 21 percent since July and as much as 7 percent from the typical prices in December.

Tesla’s Model S and X vehicles also saw average month-over-month price drops of 4 and 5 percent, respectively, since peak pricing in July. The Model S price dropped 31 percent from peaking at $73,961 in July, also accounting for a 5-percent drop in January from December. The Model X was down by 25 percent from July and 6 percent from December, peaking at $97,898.

A primary consider determining whether to buy a used Tesla, in response to, is your overall budget as compared with the newly effective federal tax credit guidelines. The U.S. government has also prolonged the federal tax credit to used electric vehicles, offering as much as $4,000 on used models. Nonetheless, used EVs do include a lower cost cap of just $25,000, which doesn’t apply to almost any used Tesla models.

The perfect bet for any buyer seeking to pick up a used Tesla could also be to maintain their eyes on falling used inventory levels and costs, coming each directly from the corporate or from used marketplaces like It’s not clear if inventory levels or prices will keep falling, but with recent spikes in demand, neither is out of the query.

For brand spanking new models, buyers can rating an additional good deal between the total $7,500 EV tax credit and the recent price cuts which dropped price tags on some models by as much as $20,000. Still, these will likely still place latest model prices well above used models, so it’s really as much as the customer what their budget can handle.



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