All the things we learn about FSD Beta v11

FSD Beta 10.12 introduced many improvements, including an upgraded decision-making framework for unprotected left turns, improved creeping, and enhanced geometric accuracy.

Now, users are waiting on the following update (version 10.13) that is expected to be much more substantial with improvements to roundabouts and navigating without map data.

Tesla is concurrently working on the following release of FSD, v11.

FSD Beta v11 will likely be the following major update that is anticipated to contain significant improvements.

Single Stack for Improved Highway Driving

FSD Beta is currently using Tesla’s latest technology improvements for city driving. Highway driving still relies on the present production version of ‘Navigate on Autopilot.’ 

Elon has previously said that Tesla will eventually merge highway and city driving right into a single stack.

A technology ‘stack’ refers back to the technologies used to construct a system.

A single-stack system uses the identical technologies for multiple applications, as an alternative of getting separate technology stacks for every application.

A single-stack version of FSD would allow Tesla to use every part it has learned in city driving to its Navigate on Autopilot highway feature.

When Tesla trains and adapts its FSD Beta neural nets to highway driving, we might even see drastically smoother merging and cornering on the highway. While the addition of a single stack has been talked about way back to FSD Beta 10.1, it feels like we may finally have the ability to experience it in FSD Beta v11.

Reverse Creep

A further feature we could see in version 11 is the power for the automobile to maneuver backward. For instance, if the automobile is stopped at an intersection and doesn’t have great visibility, it’ll now creep forward for a greater view, similar to a human driver would.

Nevertheless, with v11, the automobile could also creep backward if it senses danger.

Release Date

When asked about FSD Beta v11, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that he’s currently driving an alpha version of FSD Beta 11 on the highway.

Musk admits that the software shouldn’t be ready, estimating that Tesla FSD Beta version 11 may very well be released by the summer of 2022. Currently, Beta testers are waiting for the discharge of FSD Beta 10.13.

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