Elon says single stack solution for city/highway could also be available this summer

Tesla’s FSD Beta is amazing, and while it’s miles from perfect, it’s definitely impressive what it could possibly do today.

Nonetheless, FSD Beta is simply using Tesla’s latest technology improvements for city driving. Highway driving still relies on the present production version of ‘Navigate on Autopilot.’

Elon has previously said that Tesla will eventually merge highway and city driving right into a single stack.

A technology stack refers back to the technologies used to construct a system.

A single-stack refers to using the identical technologies for multiple applications, as an alternative of getting separate technology stacks for every one.

A single-stack will allow Tesla to use all the pieces it has learned in city driving to its Navigation on Autopilot highway feature.

When Tesla trains and adapts its FSD Beta neural nets to highway driving, we may even see drastically smoother merging and cornering on the highway.

While the addition of a single stack has been talked about way back to FSD Beta 10.1, it seems that Tesla continues to make progress.

Latest Status

Yesterday Elon said that he’s now using an alpha version of FSD Beta that features highway driving. While he admits it is not ready for prime time yet, he believes that it may very well be ready for consumers this summer.

While Elon can sometimes be overly optimistic on timelines, it’s reassuring that Tesla continues to make progress on its single stack solution.

This news likely implies that we’ll not only see FSD Beta 10.13 (all the pieces coming beta 10.13), which Elon has already talked about, but we’ll likely see several more versions before a single stack solution arrives in FSD Beta 11.

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