Emergency Calling

One in every of the things that makes a Tesla a Tesla is its online connectivity that’s used to download latest software, stream music, browser the net, send notifications when doors or windows are left open and so far more.

Nevertheless all of this functionality has up to now been limited to data services within the US. Any voice calls currently should be routed through your phone over Bluetooth. Nevertheless this may apparently be changing sometime soon, as Elon Musk has tweeted that emergency voice calls will likely be possible over the automotive’s cellular connection in the long run.

In Europe cars are already required to have an emergency calling feature in place and it looks like Tesla will likely be expanding this to other regions. Teslas built for Europe even contain an SOS button above the windshield; right next to the emergency hazards. It’s going to interesting whether Tesla adds this button to all cars. Hopefully Tesla will add an on-screen button as well in order that cars that do not need an SOS button can profit from this safety feature as well.

The eCall feature in Europe already sends additional information when calling emergency services resembling location and sensor data, but we’ll see if Tesla simply adds these features to other regions or expands upon them.

How exactly Tesla will implement this feature we’re undecided, but there are definitely some interesting possibilities beyond what they already do in Europe, resembling automatic calling during an accident and even passing additional information resembling the the quantity of injury or actual footage of the accident to emergency services in order that they’ll more accurately assess the situation.

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