Enlarge Side Cameras When Backing Up

Tesla recently added the power to view side-view cameras while backing up as a substitute of just the normal rear camera.

Because the side-view cameras appear much smaller underneath the rear camera, Twitter user @thatt3slaguy thought he’d ask Elon Musk whether we could have the power to enlarge the side-view cameras if obligatory when backing up.

Elon responded with “Yes, coming soon,” which makes it sound like this feature is already being planned for and is either on Tesla’s roadmap or has already began development.

Personally, I find the side-view cameras to be somewhat an excessive amount of information at times and it could take the main target off the essential rear camera. I find it helpful to take a look at the side-view cameras when first switching into reverse, then if all the things looks good I’ll take a look at the rear camera only while backing up.

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