Faster AutoPilot Speeds

Tesla’s AutoPilot is an ideal feature, far beyond what cruise control can provide. Nonetheless it currently limits speeds to five MPH above the speed limit with no probability to override this unless you’re pressing down on the accelerator pedal.

This may increasingly soon change in response to Elon Musk’s latest tweet. The unique tweeter asked that since the driving force’s are still those responsible and in command of the vehicle if they might have the choice to inform the automotive to go faster than 5 MPH above the speed limit, especially when speed limits are sometimes incorrectly marked in Tesla’s database.

Elon agreed with him with a straightforward “Sure.” This isn’t to say you’ll have the opportunity to have the automotive go any speed you’d like on a backroad, nevertheless it surely could be appreciated to have the opportunity to make use of AutoPilot on backroads without causing traffic behind you.

Tesla recently released the flexibility to acknowledge speed limit signs with the automotive’s cameras as an alternative of solely counting on their database of speed limits. It’s possible we might even see this feature tied to this extra information or to using the user’s set speed to assist determine the reliability of the speed limit sign detected.

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