First take a look at Tesla’s recent ‘Energy App’ feature within the Tesla app

One other recent feature has landed within the Tesla app. With Tesla app 4.16.1 Tesla appears to be testing the brand new ‘Vehicle Range’ feature that breaks down how your vehicle used energy during its last trip and while parked.

Richard Lopes from Watts on Wheels, a totally electric automobile rental service in Portugal noticed Tesla is testing this feature in select regions. The brand new Vehicle Range feature may be very much like the brand new Energy App that was introduced in vehicles last yr with update 2022.36.

Vehicle Range

Vehicle Range permits you to view how your vehicle used energy during its last trip and while parked. Much like the vehicle’s Energy App, Vehicle Range breaks down energy use into several categories including Driving, Climate, Elevation, Battery Conditioning and Every part Else.

Should you’re already aware of the Energy App within the automobile, you then can expect to see almost the identical thing within the app, with just a few exceptions. It appears Tesla removed just a few features to presumably simplify the interface in your phone. The app appears to only can help you view the general expected range called ‘Trip,’ while within the vehicle you’ll be able to switch between Tesla’s projected range and the rated range. The trip projection takes driving, road and environmental aspects into consideration, akin to the driving speed, road elevation, ambient temperature and the direction and speed of the wind.

The feature might be available within the Service area of the app and might be accessed by tapping Service then Vehicle Range.

Tesla app source code revealed that this feature was coming to the app in a future update, nevertheless it looks like Tesla may soon be able to launch it for everybody.


Tesla appears to be testing this feature in select regions and vehicles only because it’s currently not available for many users. Tesla has a history of testing features in select vehicles or countries before making them available to a wider audience.

Tesla likely has this feature limited to pick out users based on a server-side configuration, which might allow Tesla to launch the feature at any time, nevertheless, they may have the desire to make fixes which will require an app update.

Legacy Model S and Model X

What’s interesting is that this feature is on the market on legacy Model S vehicles, which don’t yet support the brand new Energy App feature within the vehicle.

This may increasingly mean that Tesla will not be only planning to support the brand new Energy App in legacy vehicles but may add support in an upcoming vehicle update soon.

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