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This past week Tesla released a serious software update that introduced an updated UI amongst other features. The UI is simplified, features a larger visualization area for Model 3 and Y and smaller app/music panels. It also introduces smaller fonts for the speedometer and other areas.

In recent beta versions we’ve also seen an option to extend the automobile visualizations even further and within the early Cybertruck prototypes we saw a UI that was nearly 100% automobile visualizations with no map on the screen in any way, so it’s clear Tesla is moving toward larger automobile and surroundings visualizations as they arrive closer to achieving full self-driving where this information could also be more essential than a map.

Nonetheless when this holiday update hit the masses this past week, we began seeing fast feedback that the visualization area was too large and fonts were too small, especially on Model S and Xs.

Elon Musk has now tweeted that they might be offering multiple display options so which you could pick the dimensions of the automobile visualizations and the apps to the fitting of them on the Model 3/Y. We may even be given the choice to select the total screen visualizations as seen on the Cybertruck.

We imagine that Tesla will even offer dynamic text sizing so that people preferring different size text can change them across the entire interface.

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