Passenger Seat Presets

Tesla does an ideal job personalizing the motive force experience and remembering each driver’s specific vehicle settings from seating position to favorite radio stations. It does a greater job than simply about any automobile on the market due to Tesla running nearly every thing through a software layer.

In accordance with a response from Elon Musk on Twitter and a few recent Tesla patents it looks like Tesla could also be allowing passengers to save lots of their seat preferences as well.

Tesla recently removed lumbar support from passenger seats on the Model 3 and Model Y. Some users were upset by this decision, but Elon Musk backed it up by saying that Tesla checked out analytics and realized that the majority passengers don’t adjust lumbar support on the seat.

A Twitter user tweeted that if Tesla can view passenger seat logs, then Tesla should give you the option to have passenger seat presets as well, to which Elon responded with “Agreed.”

This tweet together with some recent Tesla Cybertruck patents show that Tesla is looking into advanced profiles that use face-recognition to set driver and passenger profiles, aim side-view mirrors mechanically based on the motive force’s eyes and direct airflow toward the face or away from the face of passengers.

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