Prevent connecting to Bluetooth devices outside of automobile

Most of us have probably encountered a time after we’ve been in our cars and the automobile randomly connects to another person’s device via Bluetooth. We’re not aware of it until we suddenly start hearing this random voice contained in the vehicle. In fact the person actually talking to this individual has no idea and is wondering why they will not hear or speak to them. They’re left confused and wondering what happened. They probably have a look at their phone to see whether the decision dropped. In the event that they’re lucky, they soon realize their phone has connected to your automobile and disconnect from it. I feel we will all agree it’s a frustrating experience.

Well, in response to Elon Musk, it looks like he has an answer. Elon says that Tesla “overcompensated on Bluetooth antenna capability,” and the automobile often picks up on devices which can be further away. He goes on to say that Tesla might help solve the difficulty by tuning down the Bluetooth range if you’re near your destination.

It’s an awesome idea for Tesla to unravel this issue now because the redesigned Model S and Model X now support multiple connected devices over Bluetooth, which might only exaggerate this problem.

Tuning down or disabling recent connections if you’re approaching your destination may not solve the issue completely, as I’ve encountered the difficulty once I’m on the brink of leave, nevertheless it should definitely help alleviate the issue.

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