Tesla is allowing other EVs to make use of Superchargers. Why this is a brilliant move.

We previously covered how Tesla plans to open up Superchargers in Norway, but Elon Musk has now said that Tesla plans on opening up Superchargers in all countries over time. We’ll explain why this could be a fully sensible move by Tesla.

In Europe Tesla uses a universal CCS port on their cars and chargers, making it much easier for owners to charge elsewhere without the usage of an adapter. On this case though, it’s going to also help Tesla open up their Superchargers to others.

Within the US and other regions where Tesla uses their proprietary connection, it’s going to be just a little trickier. Tesla would likely must develop an adapter from CCS to Tesla’s port. It’ll be a hurdle for any customers wanting to make use of Tesla Superchargers.

Why is Tesla doing this?

So here’s where it gets interesting. Why is that this Tesla opening up Superchargers to others once they’re already congested in some areas? Tesla built their proprietary cable connection and their Superchargers because that they had no other alternative. Fast charging DC stations were simply not available when Tesla released their first Model S in 2012 (the unique Tesla roadster used a special connection). So if Superchargers usually are not a revenue stream for Tesla, then they’ll likely be surpassed because the leader in fast charging stations.

So what I imagine Tesla is pondering here is that they’ll get actually two hugely necessary things out of opening Superchargers to everyone. First, they create a brand new revenue stream for themselves. They’re not giving out this energy free of charge, and so they’ll likely charge a premium for it. Secondly, with this extra revenue, they may use it to proceed constructing out their Supercharger network and develop into the de facto standard for automotive charging. Something that surely would please Tesla owners as they’ll keep the simplicity of charging at Tesla’s chargers, and don’t must buy an adapter when charging. Having a greatly expanded Tesla charging network could be an awesome type of promoting for Tesla and would surely help sell Tesla vehicles.

Nonetheless, there’s something Tesla needs to resolve. Today, Superchargers communicate with the vehicle to transmit information similar to how much energy was transferred and it leaves the authentication and payment details to the automotive.

As a way to allow other vehicles to charge at Superchargers Tesla would wish to vary or add a way for other cars to authenticate on the Supercharger and pay for the charging session.

I still remember my first experience at a Supercharger and being in awe with the simplicity of the entire thing. The primary time I used one I assumed I’d must authenticate on the charger, or perhaps even on my phone. I used to be even able to pay for it manually, like at a gas station. Tesla absolutely nailed this experience for its customers so I don’t imagine they’re going to want to vary any of that, nor should they.

As a substitute I imagine they’ll create a payment system where a non-Tesla vehicle could go as much as a Tesla Supercharger and open up the Tesla app to begin a charging session. Very much like what some gas stations do today. You just log in, select your pump and begin pumping. The charging session could be routinely terminated when the charger is faraway from the automotive. This can again force non-Tesla vehicles to make use of Tesla’s system, as an alternative of the alternative where Tesla owners would wish to make use of another person’s chargers, possibly interrrupting the simplicity of charging that exists today at Superchargers.

By having non-Tesla owners use the Tesla app to authenticate their charging session, Tesla also gains a singular opportunity to sell them on a Tesla, right there while they’re waiting for his or her automotive to charge. Clever move.

CSS port?

In order Tesla expands their Supercharging network and offers non-Tesla vehicles fast DC charging, we face the query, why is Tesla still using their proprietary adapter? Sure, it was mandatory in 2012, but in 2021 where so many things have modified, it doesn’t add many advantages over a CCS connection. It prevents Tesla owners from charging at CCS stations, it prevents some non-Tesla owners from their at Tesla chargers and it requires Tesla to construct and manage multiple parts for his or her cars.

We imagine Tesla will announce that each one future Teslas will include a CCS charge port, as an alternative of the Tesla port. They may slowly switch over Superchargers to make use of a CCS connection and offer an adapter on the station for non-CCS Teslas.

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