Tesla lists Robo-taxi as now being in development

Tesla’s Q2 earnings presentation listed products in production and development, and interesting enough, Robo-Taxi appears on the last line as being ‘in development.’

Elon Musk publicly discussed the thought of a completely autonomous vehicle on the Giga Texas opening in April. Two weeks later, he briefly talked about

Robo-Taxi in his 2022 first-quarter earnings call

The product was not mentioned during this quarter’s earnings call, but Robo-Taxi couldn’t be missed within the report back to investors.

In April, Elon Musk said, “Nevertheless it’s fundamentally optimized to realize the bottom fully considered cost per mile or cost per kilometer, accounting for every little thing. And so it’s, I feel, going to be a really powerful product.”
Musk says his vision of Robo-Taxi
is a completely autonomous vehicle and not using a steering wheel or pedals, and he thinks it might be coming soon. “Where we aspire to achieve volume production of that in 2024. So, I feel that basically shall be a large driver of Tesla’s growth.”

After all, for Robo-Taxi to succeed, Full Self Driving (FSD) may have to be completely functional, which is closer to reality, in line with the CEO. “We now have now deployed our FSD beta with city streets driving capability to over 100,000 owners.

They’re very blissful with the potential of the system, and we are going to proceed to enhance it every week.” Musk says Tesla has now driven greater than 35 million miles with the beta FSD. He believes that’s more miles than all other vehicle manufacturers combined, “so, that mileage is growing exponentially.” said Musk.

The in-development project explains recent comments Musk made to the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley interview (interview below).

Elon said FSD is the difference between the corporate being value loads or not very much. “Autonomy is a monumental breakthrough,” said Musk.

He also spoke candidly about FSD, “the sheer amount of labor required to do that boggles the mind.” Musk admitted FSD is a much bigger challenge than he originally predicted, “I’ve seen numerous tough technology problems and solving real-world AI such that a automotive can drive itself is one among the toughest problems I’ve ever seen. It’s way harder than I originally thought, by far.”

Even admitting how complex and difficult FSD is, Musk continues to be confident that it should be fully operational this yr. If that happens, Robo-Taxis shall be hailed soon as well.

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