Tesla so as to add choice to turn off your wireless charger

Tesla introduced the Model 3 in late 2017. The Model 3 got here equipped with a phone dock that was able to charging your device whenever you slid it into the dock.

Nonetheless, adding a wireless phone charger to your Tesla quickly became a well-liked upgrade. Corporations resembling Jeda and Nomad offer retrofits to make your vehicle able to wireless charging your phone.

In 2019 Tesla added their very own built-in wireless charger to the Model 3. Nonetheless, some users prefer to make use of the phone caddy as an easy phone holder and would really like the choice to show it off.

There are numerous explanation why chances are you’ll not wish to consistently charge your device.

In the identical way that charging your automobile battery to 100% is not an excellent idea (unless you’ve got an LFP battery), keeping your phone at 100% is not ideal either.

It’s an excellent idea to stop charging your device when the extra charge isn’t needed because excess heat and keeping your battery at a high state of charge can have negative effects in your battery life.

Some users prefer to not wirelessly charge their phones as a result of heat issues while some users’ phone cases are incompatible as a result of their design, material or other reasons.

As per the request of Twitter user @24_7TeslaNews, Tesla will soon add the power to show off wireless phone chargers in your vehicle.

One other potential feature for this update may very well be to routinely turn the wireless charger off once the phone is sufficiently charged.

If the phone is connected to Bluetooth, the vehicle can read the phone’s battery level and charge it accordingly. It will be advantageous if Tesla routinely disabled the wireless charger when the phone is fully charged and routinely enabled it when the battery is low.

All Tesla owners which have wireless phone chargers can at minimum expect a manual on/off feature to are available an upcoming software update.

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