Tesla to look into adding AI-based HVAC system

Elon has said various times that Tesla just isn’t a automobile company, but relatively an AI company. Tesla is using AI to resolve problems corresponding to auto high beams, auto wipers and naturally FSD. Tesla’s tango with AI explains its recent move into robotics.

Solving FSD is just the start. We’re more likely to see Tesla enter additional fields that rely heavily on AI. Tesla will have the ability to take every part they’ve learned on this planet of artificial intelligence and apply it to a very latest product or perhaps a latest field, much like what they’re doing with NeuraLink.

Elon has previously talked about how he would love for Tesla to develop air-con systems. Elon believes Tesla could make them rather more efficient than they’re today, but Tesla just doesn’t have the resources to enter one other field at once. The usage of air-con world wide currently accounts for 10% of world electricity usage, based on IEA.

Tesla may now be seeking to introduce AI to Tesla HVAC systems. Twitter user @coffeetabletsla asked Elon if Tesla could develop a neural network much like Deep Rain that is used for windshield wipers, but as a substitute use it to enhance air-con. It could monitor when to show the AC on/off, when to flow into air versus bringing in fresh outside air and bear in mind various aspects corresponding to current air quality, traffic and dirt roads.

In response, Elon gave his typical “Okay” answer, which has normally meant that Tesla is already working on an analogous feature or that Elon is genuinely intrigued by the thought and could have Tesla engineers evaluate its feasibility.

Given Elon’s fascination with air-con and wanting to scale back the world’s energy footprint, this could possibly be Tesla’s first entry into the HVAC industry.

This conversation began on Twitter when the official Tesla account tweeted “can all of us just agree that pumping out carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide from cars on all of the streets world wide is possibly a nasty idea”.

Elon replied to the Tesla account with “in close traffic, poisonous gas spewing from the automobile in front of you goes straight into your AC intake.” A good point. We’re just hurting ourselves. He then snarkily added that “Good thing gas/diesel carmakers didn’t cheat on their emissions or we would be in real trouble.”

Air quality can also be something Elon has shown interest in before. In actual fact, Teslas in China show the Air Quality Index right next to the temperature near the highest portion of the automobile’s screen.

Teslas currently have an Auto AC button that determines when to activate the air-con system, even though it’s more likely to be much like other manufacturers where it compares the indoor and outdoor temperatures together with the relative humidity of every environment.

By adding AI to air-con not only can Tesla reduce its energy usage, leading to longer range on your Tesla, however it could also provide you with cleaner air to breathe. Your Tesla can provide you with fresh air once you’re driving alone on the road, and mechanically switch to recirculated air once you’re near other cars.

That is just one other example of how Tesla is redefining cars and improving the world we live in.

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